reaction turbine

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a turbine with blades arranged to develop torque from gradual decrease of steam pressure from inlet to exhaust

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His inward flow reaction turbine design was not only efficient, but reliable and could work under a range of operating conditions.
And he also developed world's second hydro reaction turbine.
Gustav de Laval had tried to use a Hero-type reaction turbine to drive his high speed cream separator, but he rejected it and instead developed the impulse turbine that bears his name.
There are two different types of turbines in hydropower plants: reaction turbines (Francis, Kaplan) and impulse turbines (Pelton).
They begin with the operating characteristics, design features, reliability considerations, and maintenance protocols of steam turbines, and cover stationery components and casings, bearings for mechanical drive turbines, rotors for impulse and reaction turbines, turbine blade design, turbine components (such as the lubrication system, governors and control systems), couplings and coupling considerations, dynamic technology, diagrams for steam turbine blades, reaction and impulse-type steam engines, transmission elements for high-speed turbomachinery, shortcut graphical methods for turbines selection, selection methods for multi stage steam engines, and re-rating, upgrading, and modifying steam engines across a life of the machine.