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a chemical substance that is present at the start of a chemical reaction

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Results indicated that the prepared composite membrane showed very high catalytic reactivity under a cross-flow operation model, and could timely separate the highly purified product from the reactant in reaction process.
Associations between acute phase reactant levels and disease activity score (DAS28) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Hence a quick qualitative estimation of the plastic grain sizes may help in deciding the most suitable, reactant quantities, and parameters for its uniform dissolution in volatile solvents.
Due to reactant consumption, the flow rate gradually decreases as the reactant gases flow through the active cell area.
The reaction can perform efficiently if we use 2mol% phosphotungstic acid as catalyst, 5mL water as solvent, CTAB as surfactant, and a 1:2:1 reactant molar ratio (aromatic aldehyde: malononitrile: substitutedthiophenol) under 80C.
This method is based on the standards of green chemistry due to the use of biological and green reactants instead of toxic chemicals and contaminants.
Although FMF is a clinical condition generally characterized by painful inflammatory attacks, high levels of acute-phase reactants, cytokines, and inflammation-induced proteins measured during attack-free phases in many patients suggest that inflammation still persists (4,5).
These chemicals interact with the dipstick reactant pads to produce specific color changes that mimic actual normal and/ or abnormal urine samples.
To cover a broad range of applications, the current MRT program consists of two reactors; the Microfluidics Mixer Reactor (MMR) for very fast reactions, and a coaxial feed reactor (Co-Reactor) that introduces the multiple reactant streams coaxially and allows the predetermined residence time for slower reactions.
Next comes the interior of the structure with No Burn Plus (a Class-A intumescing fire reactant) and No Burn Plus Mih (a dual-action product that serves as a fire reactant and a toxic black mold growth inhibitor), which are used as primers or paints.
People who were more reactant responded more strongly to the subliminal cues and showed greater variation in their performance than individuals who were less reactant.
Gaithersburg, MD) has patented a method for increasing the rate of chemical reactions involving the conversion of at least one reactant to at least one product involves contacting the reactant with an appropriate monoclonal antibody under conditions permitting the formation of a complex between the antibody and the reactant.
Their kinetic equation included the stirrer speed, the reaction temperature, the reactant concentrations and the catalyst loading.
recently received a US patent titled "Closed Liquid Feed Fuel Cell Systems and Reactant Supply and Effluent Storage Cartridges Adapted for Use with the Same.