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a chemical substance that is present at the start of a chemical reaction

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This method is based on the standards of green chemistry due to the use of biological and green reactants instead of toxic chemicals and contaminants.
Although FMF is a clinical condition generally characterized by painful inflammatory attacks, high levels of acute-phase reactants, cytokines, and inflammation-induced proteins measured during attack-free phases in many patients suggest that inflammation still persists (4,5).
Because healthy heterozygotes for MEFV mutations have higher than normal acute-phase reactant levels, and many FMF patients continue to have subclinical inflammation during attack-free periods.
As can be seen from the formula (6) we need to know the in-reactor chemicals volume V and concentration of reactant causing the heat development c (or the number of mole n instead) to determine the rate constant.
The patented Microfluidizer Mixer-Reactor (MMR) system is a high-performing, continuous chemical reactor utilizing multiple reactant fluid streams.
The reactive distillation process was tried to increase the reaction rate of BD disappearance for taking a high purity of HBA after the reaction and the process parameters were optimized to run the reactive distillation process without a serious problem, such as polymerization of reactants and products.
recently received a US patent titled "Closed Liquid Feed Fuel Cell Systems and Reactant Supply and Effluent Storage Cartridges Adapted for Use with the Same.
densities of greater than 25mW/cm2 in mixed reactant mode by the end of 2006,
Here they exist in an incarnation called "nanohorns": One end of these minute carbon constructs is splayed out like a cornet, making it ideal for absorbing reactant gases (see www.
With this thermodynamic technique, small quantities of reactant are injected into the reactor.
The most important factors that affect the morphology of the blend are the polymeric component ratio, the residence time and mixing in the extruder, and the reactant concentration.
They are, however, slightly flexible, such that binding with their matched substrate causes them to shift shape a little, which stresses the molecular bonds of the reactant, speeding its 'breakdown,' or bringing two reactants into closer proximity so that they can bond more easily.
For a patient to meet this criteria, the patient must have at least 20% improvement in tender and swollen joint counts and must improve by at least 20% in three of five of the remaining core set measures which include: physician's and patient's global assessment of disease activity, patient's assessment of pain and physical function, and an acute-phase reactant value.
A Phoenix-based fire-protection company has introduced a latex-based fire reactant that can be painted on buildings to dramatically reduce damages in the event of a fire.