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easily approached


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Or perhaps you've thought you were reachable but in fact you weren't and people were unable to get in touch.
Under their agreement, S&P Capital IQ's people data and company profiles are available on the Reachable platform.
The networks that were not reachable included all of the prefixes reserved for SyriaTel's 3G mobile data networks, and smaller ISPs including Sawa, INET, and Runnet, according to Renysys.
So, it can describe the uncertainty and the reachable sets of any other model, even a discrete event one.
Philp says their 2005 forecast of 440 starts being completed this year is reachable based on steady employment figures, a healthy resale market and continued low interest rates.
NET technology accommodates any software that conforms to the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), an XML-based method for encoding web service requests and responses, Drexel's administrative applications and portal are reachable through DrexelOneMobile.
Big hitters can take an aggressive line, setting up a reachable second shot to a docile green.
has received copies of papers filed against the company in the Netherlands by Microsoft Corporation asking the court to fine Lindows 100,000 euros per day for permitting its website to be reachable by visitors from the Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg).
YES Returning to the moon is an exciting, reachable goal.
The new president said his goals for the year were "simple and reachable," namely to promote the value of IREM membership, continue the level of educational services and build on the successful seminar series.
It allows our operators to build bigger, reachable stockpiles neat the processing equipment.
Reachable only by solar-powered boat, its relative inaccessibility only serves to increase its aura of hermetic otherworldliness.
And, on that note, your representatives and senators are all reachable at www.
The ideas behind Foundations for Freedom can seem a `bit naive and fairy-taleish', he says, but he believes they are reachable.
Official Glen Abbey parking was free, but only available in lots some distance from the course, reachable by shuttle bus.