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undergo resorption


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During sleep, the swelling resolves in your legs as your body reabsorbs the fluid.
Over the past several years, a NIST-led project has carried out a precise calculation of the most basic quantum electrodynamic (QED) effect in the spectrum of hydrogen, namely the radiative process in which the atom emits and then reabsorbs a photon (the quantum of electromagnetic radiation).
Everyone reabsorbs Restylane at different rates and it's possible that in a small number of cases this could happen so rapidly that the procedure simply won't work.
Water from the bloodstream does seep into the intestine, but the colon, where Zot has no effect, apparently reabsorbs it.
980 nm fiber laser, however, the dopant of choice, Ytterbium, stubbornly reabsorbs light generated at 980 nm and emits at around 1040 nm.