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undergo resorption


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That is, there must be some way for the cartilage to reabsorb the fluid that leaks out when we're not moving.
In renal failure, the inability of the cells to reabsorb filtered bicarbonate may lead to acidosis.
So, if you don't reabsorb some of this cholesterol because you're eating plant sterols, your body will have less cholesterol to deal with.
The kidney is washing it out of the system - it's failing to reabsorb it back into the body.
As a result, the animal can reabsorb greater amounts of water and put that water back into its bloodstream, Petryszyn explains.
The frogs will reabsorb the excess glucose that has preserved their vital organs, restart their pickled hearts, and get on with the business of procreation.
But if maintaining the peg requires the People's Bank of China to buy dollars with renminbi, the peg cannot endure long should the Bank then reabsorb these renminbi through other operations.
As this new small balloon of cells is being formed, it pushes older cells to the surface of the colon, where they reabsorb water and eventually die, and are finally sloughed off in the waste moving through the gut.
The pigments shade sensitive photosynthetic tissue in fall while trees reabsorb nutrients from their leaves.
The humble yellow wildflower appears to reduce the rate at which brain cells reabsorb a chemical associated with depression.
However, just as it takes hours to dry materials, it can take an hour (and typically more) for material to reabsorb moisture from the air.
Today, the jingoists contend, the Russian Army will reabsorb Belarus and Ukraine; then they will march into Riga and Warsaw; then the hungry Russian bear will restore the evil empire in its thirst for warm-water ports in Turkey and the Persian Gulf.
We are rapidly adding pollutants to our earth's atmosphere faster than the natural processes can reabsorb them.
By controlling the size and architecture of these structures we can tune theirproperties and make them reversible -- this means they can release and reabsorb hydrogen," said Aguey-Zinsou, lead author on the paper.
OECD cautions that the global economic recovery is "unlikely to be sufficiently vigorous to rapidly reabsorb current high levels of unemployment and under-employment.