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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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Re-examining subsidies for diesel cars could be costly for automakers: In 2001, Britain's finance minister at the time, Gordon Brown, introduced lower vehicle tax for diesel cars, on the grounds that they were less polluting.
Guanxi, or creation of relationships, a reliable and traditional way to enter into the China market has itself come under scrutiny, leading to companies re-examining their business methods.
In the time that has passed since John Luper's death there has been some significant progress in the field of forensic science and we are currently re-examining a number of items that were seized both from the crime scene itself as well as number of other searches that were carried out as part of the investigation.
Fox have been re-examining the situation and have had a change of heart," the Mirror quoted a source inside the Simon Cowell camp as saying.
The University of Heidelberg, where the MEP studied, is re-examining her work.
SCOTLAND Yard detectives were last night re-examining whether a series of high-profile individuals and celebrities were victims of phone hacking after fresh evidence emerged.
00pm) Documentary re-examining the events of the November and December 2010 shark attacks at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, featuring an interview with 70-year-old Lyudmila Stolyarova, a tourist who survived a mauling.
But professor Mike Berry, who has been re-examining the case, told tomorrow's Crime In Mind show on TV3 the positioning of the stab wounds show she was never expected to die.
He said that the Prosecutor-General would look at re-examining the cases.
Re-examining the Holocaust through Literature, edited by Aukje Kluge and Benn E.
Polyshot moved to the FFMS program after re-examining its floor-management system in response to late-delivery complaints from customers.
The Indian government is re-examining the pricing and marketing of gas sales from India-based Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's (500312.
RAWALPINDI, June 13, 2010 (Frontier Star): Commissioner Rawalpindi Caption (retd) Zahid Saeed has directed the re-examining and repair of swings of all parks of Rawalpindi Division, after an unfortunate incident occurred in Lakeview Park in Islamabad.
He said Gujjar had won the election with a little margin of 250 votes whereas hundreds of votes were cancelled by polling staff without re-examining them despite an application being filed with the returning officer.
This can mean only one thing--a real necessity for re-examining their leading abilities.