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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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The document re-examines the history of the Reformation and the split it created, stressing that Luther "had no intention of establishing a new church, but was part of a broad and many-faceted desire for reform" within the church.
Whether incorporated into an inkstand or hat badge, these reliefs were sought-after consumer items, and this book re-examines them in the context of their original use.
We will of course seek the services of international lawyers in case the Swiss attorney general entertains Pakistan's request and re-examines graft cases against President Zardari and other persons," The Express Tribune quoted Law and Justice Secretary Yasmin Abbasi, as saying.
The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Security and Privacy(CRISSP), a cutting-edge research collaboration of NYU-Poly and other NYU schools, re-examines the entire cyber security paradigm to integrate technology with broader issues such as human psychology, business, public policies and law.
Led by five Auckland researchers, the study re-examines a national study into costs of nurse turnover in New Zealand conducted in 20042006.
It recommended the government re-examines certain drugs that had been approved, investigate the "gross violation" of laws it had uncovered and take action against officials alleged to have been colluding with the drug firms.
He re-examines the link between imperial expansion in India and Egypt with Positivist writings on India and Hobson's views on under-consumption and over-saving, and looks at the Positivists' vision of a Britain within an Empire.
He examines whether the financial downturn acted as a lightning rod to accelerate the rise of the BRIC economies - Brazil, Russia, India and China - and re-examines the claims made and prospects for major emerging economies post-crises.
During this time, he re-examines the errors of his life and is ultimately forced to break two bones in his arm before hacking it off and applying a makeshift tourniquet.
It re-examines every need, scales back as much as possible and keeps trying to bring in more money somehow.
At one time or another, they have come up with a good idea and introduced it, such as Merseyside Police's Serious Case Review Unit, which re-examines unsolved investigations from the past, in the hope of finally getting a result.
We believe it is time the EC recognises this and re-examines how the legislation is applied in such circumstances.
Real Crime With Mark Austin Monday, STV, 9pm Mark Austin re-examines the tragic case of PC Sharon Beshenivsky,whowasgunned down while investigating a robbery at a travel agents in Bradford in 2005.
And, as the European Commission re-examines its passenger rights' legislation, he calls upon it, and all members of the European Parliament, to consider whether the high costs imposed on Europe's airlines are truly in the interests of passengers.