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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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A how-to show that re-examines everyday skills offers expert advice.
It re-examines the basics of the first classic, updating examples and adding a new chapter on mobile usability, and it packs in illustrations that range from flow charts and diagrams to whimsical cartoons and screen shots.
Walker and Archbold re-examines the major developments in the area of police accountability for this second edition, and maintains that these developments represent a new period in the history of police reform that promises to address the historic problems of police abuse.
In this way, Alcala Galan's analysis re-examines the Duchess not just as one half of a generic pairing usually referred to as "los duques," but as a fully developed character in her own right whose personal travails are only barely visible within the context of all the other activities that take place in the ducal palace during Don Quixote and Sancho's sojourn.
The document re-examines the history of the Reformation and the split it created, stressing that Luther "had no intention of establishing a new church, but was part of a broad and many-faceted desire for reform" within the church.
Panel re-examines artists' effect on Downtown Cairo
We will of course seek the services of international lawyers in case the Swiss attorney general entertains Pakistan's request and re-examines graft cases against President Zardari and other persons," The Express Tribune quoted Law and Justice Secretary Yasmin Abbasi, as saying.
This paper re-examines Ivan Illich's ideas as expressed in his seminal work "Deschooling Society" from a 21st century point of view.
It recommended the government re-examines certain drugs that had been approved, investigate the "gross violation" of laws it had uncovered and take action against officials alleged to have been colluding with the drug firms.
He re-examines the link between imperial expansion in India and Egypt with Positivist writings on India and Hobson's views on under-consumption and over-saving, and looks at the Positivists' vision of a Britain within an Empire.
This paper re-examines the classic question of how a household should optimally allocate its portfolio between risky stocks and risk-free bonds over its lifecycle.
During this time, he re-examines the errors of his life and is ultimately forced to break two bones in his arm before hacking it off and applying a makeshift tourniquet.
Author Lawrence Glazer not only re-examines that trial and investigation, but also explores the aftermath of the incident, including Swainson's time in rehab and his career as a historian.
It re-examines every need, scales back as much as possible and keeps trying to bring in more money somehow.