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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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During the course of proceeding, the court decided to re-examine the case as it was first time being heard by this bench.
The authorities in the US could re-examine a deal with HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) after the bank had to admit in the past few days that it had helped customers to dodge tax at its Swiss units.
The DVSA said: "We propose to re-examine the potential costs and benefits of developing an online driving theory test practice service in Welsh and will determine whether developing the service could be made viable.
1,000 Number of Troubles killings new team will re-examine
In May, Ocuco asked the Patent and Trademark Office to re-examine a Seiko Epson patent, which also covers the invention of back-surface, Freeform progressive lenses.
Today, let us re-examine our attitudes towards ageing and the status and role of older persons," the UN chief said, urging Governments, civil society, and communities to raise awareness about the challenge.
A medical examiner will also re-examine the body of Mahmood Al Jazeeri, who died in hospital on February 22.
But we must not forget our experience in Government as we re-examine our policies in opposition.
Now Brigadier Hughie Monroe of the Queen's Highlanders is to re-examine the evidence.
Soaring construction costs also hit the construction of Saddleback and expansion of Challenger Middle School, forcing Wilsona officials to re-examine building plans to see where costs could be cut.
Playing devil's advocate to my children's and grandchildren's likely reaction to the articles forced me to re-examine my own seventy-something attitudes and convictions and wonder: Where did either the church or I personally go wrong?
Even more importantly, we should re-examine the "relics" in the respective "attics" of the Church and the State to see if there's anything we overlooked in the distant past that doesn't belong.
There's been a surge in environmental insurance policies in the past five years, for a number of reasons: they've become standard in mergers and acquisitions and real estate transfers; sectors like technology are no longer considered environmentally benign; and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has spurred companies to re-examine their risks and the way they disclose them.
Local authority solicitors acted as judges and barristers to examine and re-examine students playing the part of witnesses.
They will assemble and re-examine Nuinsco's exploration activity, including 14,000 metres of drill core in Richardson Township.