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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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Standard Innovation has full confidence in the validity of the We-Vibe patent and in the USPTO patent re-examination process.
Moreover, ex parte re-examination isn't as cheap as it used to be.
If the vehicle is brought back to the same testing station by the end of the next working day for one or more of the following items only, a partial re-examination is again required and this is also free: bonnet, boot-lid, brake pedal anti-slip, direction indicators, doors, dropsides, fuel filler cap, hazard warning, horn, lamps, loading door, mirrors, rear reflectors, registration plates, seat belts, seats, sharp edges or projections, steering wheel, tailboard, tailgate, vehicle identification number, windscreen and glass, windscreen wipers/washers, wheels.
His lawyers asked that justices allow the re-examination of evidence that showed a shotgun registered to Williams was used to kill three people during a Pico Rivera motel robbery in 1979.
Campana's article takes this careful planning and attention to the re-examination of college students' role in the process even further.
Police investigating the 20-year-old unsolved murder of a young boy were launching a three-day re-examination of the case today.
By contrast, the re-examination of the five-day school week advocated by Minshuto is much more worthy of debate.
Howard Baker of Tennessee recommended a re-examination of Medicaid and its role in long term care.
On re-examination 1 week later, the patient did exhibit improvement in the leukoplakia and some healing of the ulcer (figure 2).
But two additional factors that previously were linked to high concentrations of homocysteine in the blood are under re-examination.
A provision added to an unrelated spending bill at the last minute, the Patent and Trademark Office Authorization Act of 2002, will expand the scope of patent re-examination and reduce expensive litigation.
In many ways, a re-examination of one's energy systems is much like a review of one's financial portfolio to ensure that it is maintaining acceptable profitability and risk," said Audin.
20, 2000, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) successfully sought a re-examination of the enola patent.
But re-examination of TV coverage compelled the FA to take action over Vieira's two clashes.
Don't assume that their re-examination of how we construct our cultural identities as people of African descent presumes they think they are smarter, better or even freer than the rest of us.