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restoration to a previous state

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Minister Sok took note that the economic relations between the two countries have made remarkable progress in a range of areas, including trade, investment and development cooperation, since the re-establishment of diplomatic relations, and said that Cambodia will make active efforts to resolve difficulties facing Korean companies in the country.
The particular nature of an institution influenced how veterans experienced these national re-establishment policies.
The United States and Cuba held historic high-level talks last week in Havana that are expected to lead to the re-establishment of diplomatic ties severed by Washington in 1961.
With access to full-flight simulation close to our home base, we will have taken the first step in the re-establishment of the Eastern Flight Training Academy in Miami which is now under planning and development," said Ed Wegel, Eastern's CEO.
One of the things I would like to see is the re-establishment of a body such as the WDA.
Shpetim Polozani is optimistic for the re-establishment of the political dialogue, bringing the stances closer and reaching an agreement between the government and opposition.
All aspects of the stabilization of Mali, including the restoration of state authority, the re-establishment of security and the protection of civilians, remain contingent on the successful conclusion of peace talks between the Malian Government and northern armed groups in the framework of the Ouagadougou Agreement," Ladsous said.
These neuron-supporting cells secrete elevated levels of neurotrophic, or nerve-growth, factors for protection of existing motor neurons, promotion of motor neuron growth, and re-establishment of nerve-muscle interaction.
Unification is "imperative to guarantee the re-establishment of the Cuban peso's value and its role as money, that is as a unit of accounting, means of payment and savings", it said.
The first half of the book is devoted to the WWII period, with background on the general impact of the war on the region and details on Japanese occupation, wartime negotiations, and the re-establishment of Portuguese rule.
Clwyd West AM Darren Millar met with the Department for Transport in London to discuss the re-establishment of a direct rail link.
Howard has been a member of CAMA Alberta since 2009 with the re-establishment of the Alberta chapter.
No major changes are planned, other than new windows and the re-establishment of the front door.
Speaking during the event, KurtulmuE- said he hopes this new togetherness will create a great synergy for re-establishment of a great and strong Turkey, adding that they will struggle to fulfill their responsibilities as far as they can in this regard.
Wikipedia's (yes, I know) list of notable summits include Yalta, which discussed the re-establishment of the nations of war-torn Europe, and the 1974 Arab League summit, which shaped the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conference for a generation.