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Eliminating the onerous requirement that new labour market entrants and re-entrants (NEREs) must have worked 910 hours to become El eligible, which mainly hurts youth and recently-arrived immigrants, is an easy fix and one that the federal government promised to carry out in the 2016 budget.
As no sufficient data exist for occupation-level entrance and re-entrance into the labor force, we therefore make several assumptions in order lo obtain approximate measures for re-entrants (based on current deviations from "normal" unemployment rates) and new entrants (based on typical education and population projections).
When asked about degree of satisfaction with their last nursing position, the potential re-entrants were almost evenly split between those who claimed to be extremely or moderately satisfied and those who expressed moderate or extreme dissatisfaction (46% vs.
The second group consisted of returners, potential returners, and clinical supervisors who had directly supervised re-entrants or re-registrants.
He concludes that unemployment problems among immigrants appear to be "largely short-term, transitional adjustments not unlike those experienced by native-born new entrants and re-entrants to the labor market.
People who have lost their jobs permanently or have completed temporary jobs account for the largest share of the unemployed (35%), while re-entrants into the labor force account for 30%.
The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA) amended the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to expand the class of illegal re-entrants whose orders may be reinstated and to restrict the range of relief available from a removal order.
Sara Rix, senior policy advisor for AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) in Washington, DC, says most successful re-entrants do three things that contribute to their satisfaction: They determine what they want to do, look to see if that type of work is available in their communities, and do what they need to do to qualify for a job.
These community offices, located in the identified areas of greatest need, are available to re-entrants and their families.
Participants were seven adult re-entrants who had lived abroad for at least 1 year and had recently returned to the United States.
Ingenuity in section is elaborated in plan, in which each of the masses is articulated with deep re-entrants on the London Wall side.
However, during all of the nay saying, no one ever spoke of a weaning of the growth in our economy, no one ever talked about diminished opportunity for new entrants or re-entrants to the job market.
Many of the recent new entrants are, in fact, re-entrants - i.
The estimation results confirm this: being older is a serious disadvantage for entrants and dismissed persons, while for re-entrants age does not greatly affect the expected duration of search.
Thomomys premolars have V-shaped re-entrants devoid of structural cementum, contrasting with Cratogeomys and Geomys reentrants, which are U-shaped and contain structural cementum (Figs.