reentrant angle

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an interior angle of a polygon that is greater than 180 degrees

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Deep-seated, subsurface porosity usually was located adjacent to the 90[degrees] re-entrant angle or "step," and most often occurred in section thicknesses from 0.
The rise of the paved place from the street corner to the entrance on the re-entrant angle is handled with an exemplary delicacy of feeling for stone paving, subtle plan geometry and small changes of level.
As a consequence, the twinning is clearly shown by re-entrant angles formed by equivalent faces of the two crystals where they meet.
That is unlikely, however, and numerous features point to a date in the late 8th or the course of the 9th century: the proportions of the new outermost ogival-shaped axial step (a Khmer, not a Dvaravati feature); the presence of pairs of flee-standing lions (which first appear in Cambodian art at Sambor C1, probably of the late 8th century); recovered stuccos, including heads of teeth-baring guardians, somewhat reminiscent of those in Cham temples of the late 8th century; and extensions at the corners that with their multiple re-entrant angles evoke the flavour of 8th-9th-century octagonal-based stupas at the site of U Thong, north of Nakhon Pathom.
Mok's solution is simply to remove the re-entrant angles of the perimeter block and, in the process, frame magnificent views of mature trees just beyond the boundary of the site.