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(of angles) pointing inward



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It was very dark and we didn't seem to be getting anywhere except further away from the company, so I decided to withdraw to the mouth of the re-entrant.
In this paper, response spectrum method is used to study the seismic behaviour of various irregular-shaped buildings with re-entrant corners.
Insiders say that two axes of power have developed within the Yadav family with Akhilesh and his uncle Ramgopal Yadav forming one and Shivpal, who has lately drifted towards Mulayam's family along with Amar Singh, the re-entrant in the party, forming the other.
Ten year follow-up after radiofrequency catheter ablation for atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia in the early days forever cured, or a source for new arrhythmias?
The predictions for stress fields were compared with birefringence measurements and showed reasonable quantitative agreement with experimental data although some discrepancy was found near the re-entrant corner, where the stress was overestimated.
4c and 4d), a re-entrant jet formation is visible from the [v.
He attended specialist entrant and re-entrant officer training in 2004 and at RAF College in Cranwell.
As a teaser, here's what the Tricaster 8000 does: It features eight re-entrant M/E busses.
NanoSpire has pioneered controlled formation and aiming of high-speed cavitation re-entrant jets, resulting in four recently issued patents.
The second bubble, B2, genereted a couple of microseconds later, induces a very strong re-entrant jet in the second bubble, which has the required direction to impact the targeted cell for membrane sonoporation.
It was shown in [28] that both even and odd mode impedances of a re-entrant coupler vary in almost the same ratio of the widths of the coupled lines, while the coupler adopts a thin dielectric support ([h.
The three types of inlets tested were square-edged (sudden contraction), re-entrant (tube-protruding, square-edged inlet), and bellmouth (smooth, gradual contraction).
Technology: Ricardo's twin vortex combustion system incorporates a re-entrant combustion bowl design and injector nozzle geometry which are combined with cooled EGR, high air-fuel ratio and injector pressures, and closed-loop control strategies using electrical actuators for the exhaust and air handling systems.
The model begins with a re-registrant who wants to return to physiotherapy or a re-entrant who has maintained their registration and who seeks to update knowledge and skills prior to returning to the clinical practice.
In DI diesel engines, swirl can increase the rate of fuel-air mixing [3], reducing the combustion duration for re-entrant chambers at retarded injection timings.