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The gathering agreed on the need to re-emphasize the unique Lebanese model of coexistence, especially with regards to the Muslim-Christian and Sunni-Shiite partnership in governing a single state.
We also discussed the situation in Syria and its impact on the region," added Mogherini, noting that "we re-emphasize the need to activate the work of Lebanese institutions within the constitutional framework.
It's definitely something we are trying to put a high priority on, and you know, sometimes in the games when you see a breakdown in fundamentals, you have to go back and re-emphasize the points of making sure you're playing with good techniques and good proper alignments and fundamental rules there, along with tackling and just re-emphasize the points of being a good, solid tackling football team.
He re-emphasize that the components of the Iraqi national forces alliance is committed to reject the third term for the current prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki in the case he is named as a candidate for the National Alliance under any circumstances.
Obama visited Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines in late April, in a bid to re-emphasize his rebalancing policy after the crisis in Ukraine raised doubts among U.
We are issuing this statement to re-emphasize our initial concerns--that these regulations place unacceptable restrictions on academic freedom enshrined in the Namibian Constitution, limit creative thinking, create uncertainty around research carried out by NGOs, researchers, and institutions of higher learning, and introduce far-reaching restrictions.
11, NSSGA Board of Directors' Chairman Ward Nye, president and CEO, Martin Marietta Materials, expressed appreciation for the chance to re-emphasize both the industry's and the association's commitment to workplace safety and health, as well as compliance with MSHA standards.
As part of Nissan 360, the company is expected to re-emphasize its ambitions in zero-emission vehicles, where it is the global market leader thanks to the LEAF, the best-selling electric vehicle in history.
In fact the whole design motif was rooted in respect of the originally designed lobby that had been modified once before, so we tried our best to re-emphasize the original.
Unveiled for the first time earlier this year at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012, the new sporty avatar of the Etios will re-emphasize Toyota's efforts in reaching out to the younger target group.
Cruise industry leaders re-emphasize safety, say business will recover after Concordia tragedy Cruise industry leaders on Tuesday gathered in Miami for their first annual convention since the Costa Concordia disaster, driving home their commitment to safety and expressing confidence that the resulting lull in business is only temporary.
These unique elements are an additional layer of interest, but perhaps more importantly, they re-emphasize the overarching theme of interconnectedness.
I ve always said that we do not rule out any options when it comes to US security interests but I will also re-emphasize that my preferred course of action is to resolve this in a diplomatic fashion.
Universities should re-emphasize teaching and student-oriented initiatives.
Ability to expand territory statewide & re-emphasize retail market.