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Modi wants to re-emphasise India's growing influence in Asia and thwart China's ambitions on military and economic platforms.
Bahrain's participation in the huge march came to re-emphasise its unwavering stance against all forms of terrorism, extremism and violence.
Although we can expect the Federal Reserve to re-emphasise that a potential inflation decline is something that it is watching very closely and fears over low inflation levels would likely have heightened following the PPI decline, we do not expect the Federal Reserve to postpone raising interest rates.
Disc three's live tracks re-emphasise that when Oasis were on form, there was no-one to touch them.
From my own point of view the only thing it does is re-emphasise that desire to push myself forward, to up my own game and at the same time try and give a little word to them.
Bleak figures were predicted for a year during which the stadium did not host a Test match and they serve only to re-emphasise the club's massive reliance on its huge loan from Birmingham City Council.
A statement from the firm said, 'Our new offerings are compliant with new product regulations and have been specially designed as an attempt to re-emphasise the basic purpose of life insurance - protection and long term savings.
I would like to re-emphasise that government is making all efforts to locate the files requisitioned by CBI.
Commenting on the company's positive first quarter results, Alex Kyriakidis, president and managing director of Marriott International, Middle East and Africa, said: "These remarkable results clearly re-emphasise Marriott International's commitment to the Middle East and Africa region, continuing to contribute to the ongoing growth of the region's hospitality industry.
The deterrent sends out a strong message, but what I'd like to re-emphasise is trying to get a player, in this case Luis Suarez, back on track and make sure there is a proper programme of counselling.
Mr Hough said: "We are obviously very pleased the Government has decided to open a further round of the Regional Growth Fund and we hope it will give us the opportunity to progress with our plans for the development of the Southside project at the airport and to re-emphasise its significance to support aviation and job creation in the area.
The AU High Representative for Mali and the Sahel, former President Pierre Buyoya, who is currently in Bamako, will re-emphasise this message to all the Malian stakeholders, as well as AU's determination to pursue the implementation of all aspects of the Strategic Concept for the Resolution of the Crises in Mali, adopted by the PSC on 24 October 2012.
I just want to re-emphasise, Maxy is an incredible talent, he arguably won us the last one-dayer in Dubai .
Many say that Malema is using the current mineworker's crisis in the country for his own benefit, to re-emphasise his political relevance, with a pending corruption investigation rumoured to be underway.
Claire Jones, regional manager, Cisco UAE, said: "Our relationship with GBM goes back several years and this latest certification only serves to re-emphasise the mutual importance of this partnership.