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appear again

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Although all operations have ceased and an inevitable break in activities has occurred the good news as far as I can tell is that the objective is for the site to re-emerge albeit on a more commercial footing.
The hot, dry summer of 1995 also caused water levels to drop low enough for trees to re-emerge.
Summary: Classy has been the word for winter nail colors 2011/2012, with classic red of all shades overtaking last year's natural pinky browns to re-emerge as a favorite once again.
Some of the notorious fixers from early years started to re-emerge on the circuit in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia and the UK.
Although forecasters say that Irene's sustained winds have eased a bit, the situation is not under control as yet dangers because the bulk of the powerful storm have started to re-emerge over the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
After flowering, the plants die down and disappear in winter and re-emerge late, so put a marker on their position so you don't accidentally dig them up in spring.
He immediately left the field for treatment on the hamstring he strained in the Lord's defeat last month and he did not re-emerge.
But he left the pitch midway through his 14th over, nursing an apparent hamstring strain and did not re-emerge.
MANAMA: Bahrain will overcome the current crisis and re-emerge stronger, His Majesty King Hamad declared last night.
If MMA could not re-emerge them we would think for aligning with some other party he maintained, He lambasted that the government was being run by hypocrites having fake degrees who deteriorated the country into hell.
Insp Bal Mand, in charge of policing in Smethwick, said the problems had begun to re-emerge after a period of quiet.
6 billion and a sharp decline in automobile demand, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday as it goes to court to to finalize a viable plan with creditors to re-emerge.
Unveiling its Iraq expansion plan, Saleh Lootah, Chief Executive Officer, Al Islami Foods, said: oWith the political stability and opening up of the economy in Iraq , we believe Iraq will re-emerge as an economic power in the Middle East region.
FreshXpress went into administration in March last year, only for the company to re-emerge as FX Holdings with just nine stores.
Regional capital markets need to stabilise in order to rebuild confidence and in order for IPO opportunities to re-emerge.