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The plastic plates are themselves products of crude oil and tend to re-echo the work's subtle reference to oil exploration and issues surrounding current challenges in that sector.
Clay whistle traditions stem from the natural resources available in loco clay, silica sands, kaolin, minerals, wood or carbon to feed the kilns and so forth--and flourish thanks to the artistic techniques that craftsmen develop to give shape to different forms and sounds, which, in Italy, re-echo from Matera to Rutigliano, from Caltagirone to Marsciano, and from Cesuna to Mondovi.
It is mind boggling that a people who have struggled to liberate themselves, and are only waiting to exercise the right of self-determination for which they have sacrificed millions of kith and kin, have turned against one another in a manner unprecedented and which seem to re-echo back the question: what for was all the sacrifice?
Acrimony, innocence, resentments, irony, satire, and nostalgia echo and re-echo through the pages of their texts.
Just as our bodies still retain vestiges of obsolete functions and conditions in many of their organs, so our minds which have apparently outgrown those archaic impulses still bare the mark of the evolutionary stages we have traversed, and re-echo the dim bygone in dreams and fantasies.
These words, of course, re-echo the Old Testament name for God as 'I am'.
The four essays in part one focus on England, bringing up themes that re-echo throughout the volume: the ongoing place of oral transmission and manuscript news after the advent of printed newsbooks, the stimulation and demand for news in times of war, the development of public opinion and beginnings of a (Habermasian) public sphere, and the varied--not simply emancipatory--effects of print.
Sure, it's hard to imagine any practical advice and insights that will do more than echo and re-echo the countless insurance conference chatter of the past six months, but the RIMS audience will surely be listening.
When altering backgrounds, Cohen's zooming perspectives of Bruges, Prague, the Sahara, Israel, Paris, Spain, and other lands in which he has traveled echo and re-echo the intertwined mysteries of his mood swings, yearnings and extraordinary creative instinct.
Critical puns re-echo imaginative strategies and formal techniques of representation here, for Wiesenthal claims `The mutual repercussions of science and psychology in the constitution of nineteenth-century spectral apparition are anticipated and variously elaborated in a range of contemporary fiction' (p.
This long study on the 21 verses of Genesis 15 avoids the pitfalls of atomistic analysis and concentrates on major themes and nuances which re-echo elsewhere in the biblical corpus.
Steven Rockefeller, Re-Echo Holdings - Advisor for Finance
We gather from all walks of life to put up the most powerful symbol, driven by passion of our collective cause, to re-echo our sovereignty over the Philippine rise,' he added.
We need to re-echo this national order to avoid future accidents involving ambulance from which the drivers are not fully aware and informed about the proper ambulance use as well as trainings that they must underwent before driving an ambulance, he said.