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the act of creating again

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One of the memorable moments of the festival was the re-creation of Moroccan wedding ritual.
Highlights will include the Brighton-based Bicycle Ballet's Strictly Cycling at Broadgate, Can't Buy Me Love --a series of dance performances around Coventry Market by Beingfrank Physical Theatre and the Re-creation Trail, an interactive mobile phone treasure hunt in the city centre with Coventry-based digital media artists Dom Breadmore and Ashley Brown, known as Ludic Rooms.
Hawthorne divides his narrative of re-creation around three main themes: labour, sex, and spiritual beliefs.
Semiconductor re-creation is often times more cost effective than re-designing a system," said George Karalias, director of marketing and communications at Rochester Electronics.
PM Usage: Dispense one to two drops of Re-Creation Night Serum for Eyes onto fingertips and gently smooth onto cleansed skin around the eye area, avoiding the lid.
Splotch #3, 2000, thus brought to mind Gabriel Orozco's incisive Isla dentro de la isla (Island Within an Island), 1993, a photograph of a makeshift re-creation of Lower Manhattan counterpoising the "real" scene (World Trade Center included) in the background.
Renewal involves creation and re-creation, and the only creative act the Martha Graham Dance Company has proved truly adept in, since Graham's death in 1991, is the creation of controversy.
Enhanced with a profusion of color drawings, it outlines over 6,000 real oddities, from a re-creation of DaVinci's Mona Lisa from a piece of burnt toast to a six-year-old's invention of a battery-powered dog collar that glows in the dark.
You can take a walk around this Modernist shrine whose significance for us all is not just because it is a pure and stunning collection of planes but because, until its recent re-creation (it was taken down at the end of its exhibition year in 1929 and existed for the next seventy years only in the form of photographs and drawings) it was a virtual building.
It is a re-creation of a historic Steinway concert grand piano that was first exhibited at the New York World's Fair in 1939.
He seems to love the sea, ships, and harbors--with a believable re-creation of life in Boston just after the Revolution.
An ancient and holistic metaphysical force of the African continuum--"Sun Ra brought back the Pythagorean application of Egyptian understanding that 'everything is everything,' and that music, color, number, emotions, the laws of matter in motion are revealed as inextricably tied together"--Bopera gains power through its articulation and multitudinous creative products: "Bopera is re-Creation, inner attainment, gained by tightening our everyday language into verse and lifting it into the zoom zone of the spiritual, giving it emotional and intellectual impact through music.
Testa's study is essentially a companion piece to the author's Masters of Two Arts: Re-Creation of European Literatures in Italian Cinema (2002), which concentrated on a small number of particular film adaptations of literary texts.
The Metteers' yard also contains a bit of historic re-creation - a replica of the old Camp Creek Road covered bridge that crossed the creek about 75 yards from where the small bridge stands today.
Not strictly speaking history, it is a series of reflections on an eccentrically constructed tradition of philosophical and theological interpretations of God's Creation and man's post-Copernican re-creation.