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to occupy or take again

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We worked with the City of Little Rock and community leaders to re-claim the crime-infested areas around the College, remove blight and improve safety by economically advancing our community with business development initiatives.
European integration, globalisation of the United States are examples when part of the population, not experiencing the personal or business contacts outside their national country or even region, are attempting to re-claim national sovereignty and conservative social values.
There will be establishment of two new passenger lounges, an expanded baggage re-claim area, plus a new and considerably expanded area for security search operations, as well as new and upgraded immigration facilities and space for new retail outlets and catering facilities inside the main departures lounge of the airport.
Its directer Majid Majidi says the aim of his work is to re-claim the rightful image of Islam, which "[Sunni] extremists had distorted".
Needing just four wins out of 12 matches to ] re-claim the crown they won in 2013, the Northerners fell short and posted just three points with only Angelo Que and Michael Bibat delivering the wins, a 2&1 decision over Arnold Villacencio and a 1-up escape over Jhonnel Ababa, respectively.
And it was Downing at the forefront again, scoring twice - the second of which was an absolute peach of a volley - and having a hand in four others, twice making the sort of tackles he rarely gets credit for to re-claim possession and turn to opposition around.
Also this week, Glynn's other half Rhiannon (Ruth Madoc), pictured, finally arrives at the Solana to re-claim her man.
Also this week, Glynn's other half Rhiannon (Ruth Madoc), pictured, Madoc), pictured, R finally arrives at the Solana to re-claim her man.
Speaking about the Tate commission, Barlow explained, "I want to re-claim the 'lump' in a revitalized form, to suspend it, to have space circulating around it in an attempt to manipulate its weight and gravity.
Equally interesting to Steele are stories of those who escaped and the initiatives to find and re-claim captives.
Why did Afghan King not attack and re-claim Peshawar (his summer capital till 1824)?
Nature began to re-claim it almost as soon as it was constructed in the 1840s.
During the Fourth Crusade in April 1204, Crusaders from Western Europe, on their way to the Holy Land "to re-claim Jerusalem for Christ" from the Muslim occupation, stopped off in Constantinople and besieged the city, stealing, burning, or destroying as they scoured the capital.
It really looks like China is primed, not only to protect itself from dismemberment, but to re-claim what it considers its own territories in the past wrested away from China by more powerful hegemonic empires.