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Synonyms for re-claim

to occupy or take again

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The Ashcroft poll does hold out some hope for Labour in the North East, however, with the party set to re-claim Stockton South from the Tories.
During the Fourth Crusade in April 1204, Crusaders from Western Europe, on their way to the Holy Land "to re-claim Jerusalem for Christ" from the Muslim occupation, stopped off in Constantinople and besieged the city, stealing, burning, or destroying as they scoured the capital.
This takes huge efforts that would extend for years, so as to convince Lebanese to re-claim their citizenship," said al-Mashnouq.
After a lacklustre episode 11 and an average episode 12, "The Cyprus Agency," the episode 13 of "The Blacklist," finally delivers, hitting all the right notes to surprise and re-claim 'excellent'.
Attiyah is the only Arab and the third Asian to win the Dakar Rally and his ready to re-claim the off road extravaganza.
McIlroy, who is cheering for Australia to re-claim the Ashes over England, believes that the fierce sledging of the first Ashes Test and its subsequent fall-out has shown that verbal exchanges between players appeared to slide to new lows.
We need you to help Liverpool in its bid to re-claim the World Santa Dash title from Las Vegas on Sunday, December 1.
As consultants to the workplace, we can help employees re-claim their courage and social interest in the face of traumatic events.
Who did Sergio Martinez beat in September this year to re-claim the WBC middleweight title?
His family have now contacted solicitors to try and re-claim some of the money paid for Mr Beckett's care retrospectively.
The time has come for the shareholders to re-claim control, of what was once a great banking institution, from a leadership that betrayed the bank's tradition and can no longer inspire any confidence.
Looking around its wooden panels laden nParis with antique tea pots and quirky bric-a-brac, it's hard to believe it's part of a culinary revolution that's aiming to re-claim fine dining from the food snobs and give it back to the people.
So why wait, jump start your spring cleaning and re-claim that closet," Jarvis said.
What needs to happen now is for Commons to challenge the Greek for his place in the team and James Forrest to re-claim the right flank that belongs to him.
This study, therefore, is one such attempt to re-claim the enduring vitality of the indigenous methods of weather forecasting in Africa.