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any exciting and complex play intended to confuse (dazzle) the opponent

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You'll find the official stadiums and the usual FIFA razzamatazz in abundance.
Chelsea Flower Show, the Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon and the Olympics and all the surrounding razzamatazz will give everyone an excuse to enjoy the summer.
VENICE, Italy Trust the United States to come up with some razzamatazz.
17 there will be no extra razzamatazz celebrating its 21st edition.
London's spaceship-like O2 Arena, formerly known as the Millennium Dome, is more used to welcoming the world's greatest pop stars, and there was plenty of razzamatazz and glitz as the $5million ATP season climax got under way with hardly an empty seat in the house.
SUBARU'S premier brand name is Impreza, with all the rallying razzamatazz that goes with such feisty turbocharged models.
A bit short on razzamatazz, such as colour pictures, so the guides can feel a bit overpriced.
The razzamatazz of the initial advertisement is only the beginning of any selection process, however.
In all the razzamatazz and win-at-all-costs mania that is 21st century Aussie Rules football, one club took a little time out to kick a goal for the environment -- and that's something we can all cheer about.
Pacific Dunlop will own the local Australian and New Zealand brands, which include Kayser, Razzamatazz, Formfit, King Gee and Stubbies.
I REMEMBER, when a boy, all the razzamatazz and run-up to the general elections in 1945.
While many people may find these kind of statistics superfluous to daily requirements, they do give a regular estate car a bit of glamour and razzamatazz.
EARLIER this week, the RLPO - just back from another triumphant visit to Bucharest - swept into the Royal Albert Hall for a Classic FM concert drenched in razzamatazz.
For those of a certain age, like me, it is difficult to describe to this generation the impact he had on a game that was yet to discover the razzamatazz of the Premier League.
The expediency of principle AFTER all the hype, all the publicity, all the fanfares, all the razzamatazz, it is finally here.