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a blade that has very sharp edge

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Their first album, Sixteen Stone, sold seven million copies and their second, Razorblade Suitcase, went straight in at number one.
And you will be able to buy their new album Razorblade Suitcase this month.
The tonometer complements our Cyclo G6 laser, the first IRIDEX laser system that truly employs a razor, razorblade business model, and it's another important addition to our growing catalog of disposable ophthalmology technologies.
Maybe someone would cheer me up and take my mind off the feeling 60 little men in razorblade shoes were doing the Macarena in my throat.
They're pounds 46 each, from Oliver Bonas (alternatively, one for the seriously loaded, a Suck UK Razorblade shaped mirror, pounds 185, from Red Candy).
There is nowhere to hide as Depp takes a razorblade to the throat of a capital awash with villains and cheats.
There is nowhere to hide as Burton goes for the jugular with his depiction of a vengeful man, who takes a razorblade to the inviting throat of a capital awash with villains and cheats The evocative sets drip with grime and vermin, and the costumes are soaked the deepest ruby red by the unforgettable climax.
Bush have already conquered America and are ready to wow fans at the Ulster Hall with numbers from their superb new album, Razorblade Suitcase.
Officer Morales was attacked by an inmate wielding a homemade weapon and a razorblade, the release said.
THE Pink Spiders, one of the bands on the Give It a Name Festival bill at Birmingham's NIA on Sunday week, release their debut UK single Little Razorblade on Monday, with their Teenage Graffiti album following on April 30.
Gavin Rossdale of Bush enjoyed a No1 in 1997 with his band when their album Razorblade Suitcase went straight to the top.
It is such a thin dividing line between success and failure - about the width of a razorblade.
1 in the US album charts with Razorblade Suitcase, but their popularity in the UK has not yet reached such lofty heights.