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a blade that has very sharp edge

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Maybe it's because I'm not Norwegian (although I am one-fourth Swedish, if that counts for anything), but I find this music to be quite enjoyable, although maybe that is partly because of what Steve Tibbetts and his musical razorblade have wrought.
The Tories amended their education agenda with a few more razorblade cuts and began to slice teacher federations apart with a patently obvious 'divide and rule' strategy.
Weinberg does do an excellent job of showing how Caro pursued the truth about Johnson; how he went behind the myths Johnson had generated about himself even to the point of finding out that Johnson himself had supervised "a razorblade brigade" to take items out of his college year book that were unflattering to himself.
It's almost certain there will be another airing for perhaps his most fabled story - the now legendary encounter with Manic Street Preachers' Richey Edwards - on a tour bus in Norwich, which produced headline-hitting copy and one of the most iconic pictures in rock history - the Manics' lost guitarist with the words 4 REAL carved into his arm with a razorblade.
As TIAA-CREF analyst Melissa Otto said in a phone interview, consoles have traditionally followed a "razor, razorblade model" to support themselves.
Bands of interest were excised from the gel using a sterile razorblade and were then placed into a microcentrifuge tube with 0.
Skip O'Donovan, of the SAS Association, said the mystery medic went to Barker's Butts School and may have been nicknamed Ritchie or Razorblade.
Balanced on a ledge as thin as a razorblade just above the bald
Ms Faulkner told the court how the attack had caused her son to selfharm and on one occasion she found him in a wardrobe with a razorblade.
There were five kids already there who could have shared the same razorblade if shaving was even necessary so another one wouldn't have made any difference.
There is nowhere to hide as Burton goes for the jugular with his depiction of a vengeful man, who, takes a razorblade to the inviting throat of a, capital awash with villains and cheats.
Use a sterilized scalpel or razorblade to remove "pie slices" of agar from original stock plates (see Figure 3).
It's a brief collection of some cool photography, including some lovely ladies, with brief captions under each one and a razorblade glued to the back page in case you're thinking about ending it all.
7) As to the ritual operation itself, here there are no differences; it always involves superincision, in which the foreskin is severed dorsally in a longitudinal pass of the razorblade.
Their first album, Sixteen Stone, sold seven million copies and their second, Razorblade Suitcase, went straight in at number one.