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Asahi Chemical is the latest Japanese chemical company to withdraw from the rayon business in the wake of an inflow of cheap imports, following Toyobo Co.
15 percent to the closing price of Mitsubishi Rayon on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Monday to 65.
Toward the end of 2008, Indonesian producers of rayon yarns were forced to cut their profit margin with the increase in the price of basic material and production cost.
Rayon is a very versatile fiber with a wide array of applications.
Mitsubishi Rayon Carpet's Gifu Prefecture plant as well as its employees will be transferred to Toli in December.
If it's a trendy piece, the new rayons and microfibers can be fun.
Amine oxides dissolve cellulose without the issues of the chemical reactions in rayon manufacturing, says Frey, but it's not as flexible a process as the rayon process--the types of fibers that can be made have properties in a fairly limited range.
Crompton, Ferro, Mitsubishi Rayon, Mitsubishi Rayon America, Kureha Chemical Industry, Kureha of America, Keneka, Akzo Nobel N.
Fabric for more formal shirts can be synthetic, rayon or mixed poly/cotton, stamped or plain.
TEPCO) will sell about 50,000 tons of steam a year generated at its thermal power plant in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, to Mitsubishi Rayon Co.
The new company will be set up in the economic development zone in the city of Ningbo with capital of some $50 million, Mitsubishi Rayon said in a press release.
Springs offered Sumptuous, a line made with a blend of Modal Rayon, made by Lenzing, and cotton.
After establishing his company in rayon, Love protected himself from shifts in consumer behavior through extensive diversification and by the creation of a multidivisional structure that closely linked manufacturing and sales.
The first commercial production of rayon fibre in the USA was in 1910 by the American Viscose Company.
A chemist at the University of California at Davis reports that some polyester-cotton-blend clothing can burn "up to 25 percent faster' than clothing made either from pure synthetics such as polyester or from pure "cellulosic' fibers such as cotton or rayon.