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small flower with a flat strap-shaped corolla usually occupying the peripheral rings of a composite flower

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Unique Characteristics: 4-5" flowerhead form is produced by many fine to coarse ray florets on a single stem.
Unique Characteristics: Flower form consists of tightly nestled ray florets.
Outcrossed progeny of nr genotype produce capitula with short ray florets and were therefore easily detected.
Whole cut chamomile consists of mature plant tops that are mechanically harvested and produce a blend of disk florets and also ray florets and pieces of leaf and stem.
Ray florets comprise the outer ring of often brightly coloured 'petals', while disc florets form the centre of the flower head.
They focused on the South African endemic beetle daisy Gorteria diffusa, which has a unique, raised, dark spot at the base of some of its ray florets.
A Black-eyed Susan flower head has a ring of approximately ten to fourteen sterile ray florets surrounding a central disk.
Sometimes there is a ring of ray florets around the outside that you and I would see as large petals.
These flower groups include collerrettes, water lily, peony, orchid, chrysanthemum, anemone, decorative, cactus, semi-cactus, ball and the latest addition of fimbriated flowers where the ray florets are split.