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wood that is not finished or painted

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Moreover, reports from the 'Association of Woodworking and Harvesting Enterprises of the Western Ukraine' state that 40% of the raw wood used at wood-processing plants goes to waste, which could be utilised as raw material for Biomass for Energy (BFE) fuel pellet production; an industry sector which AEG has been actively exploring and on which we presented a Public-Private Partnership proposal to the Ukraine government in May 2015.
The head of the board told the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Monday, that the timber companies in Malaysia have launched extensive campaigns in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf states to promote their products, especially wooden furniture, decorations and raw wood materials.
The cellulose fibers featuring a high purity level are made from renewable raw wood materials, which are sourced from responsibly managed forests.
The use of paulownia as a fast-growing species not only is in favor of forest protection, but also can help to balance the demand for raw wood materials in our country.
Demand is up for the raw wood products Hines hauls, but the company doesn't have as many drivers as it needs to staff the number of trucks that would satiate that demand, so it selects loads and routes for efficacy's sake.
To add surface texture and depth variance, every remodeled VINT has a centrally located signature raw wood wall, and raw wood around a pared down simpler authentic chalkboard styled menu boards that suggest straightforward authenticity and quality.
Continuing in that classical vein, violin-maker David Gusset has a display of the stages of violin creation, starting with the raw wood.
Shaped wood pellets are made for the energy sector, while raw wood chips are used mostly by the paper industry.
All the rooms in her converted 1920s barn, with its open rafters and raw wood walls, are decorated in a subtle dove grey and chalk white palette.
Unfortunately, between drying the raw wood and handing over the new painted doorway, the timber can be stored in a cold moist yard, left on an exposed building site then fixed next to a wall of damp breeze blocks and wet plaster.
Although Mr Burns, who lived in Eston with his partner Jeanette Tuckey, was employed as a load inspector, grading the raw wood on arrival, at the time he was helping to remove items such as plastic or metal from pre-processed wood.
From my collection of products I began to realise that I love the outdoors, vintage and retro themes, the colours blue and green, tongue and groove panelling, raw wood and cushions.
Raw wood vinegar has approximately 200 chemicals, such as acetic acid, formaldehyde, ethyl-valerate, phenol, methanol, tar, etc.
For example, there have been several reports of shortages of epoxy resins, various grades of PVC, several plasticizers, titanium dioxide, acrylic acid and butyl acrylic, phthalic anhydride, China clay, raw wood oil, plastic packaging materials, and even tin plate, among others--all materials that are used in paint manufacture.