raw wood

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wood that is not finished or painted

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It comprised of three ergonomic zones; One for Video-blogging and testimonials of the celebs, while the 2nd zone displayed the products and accessories on raw wood, adorned with planters.
They are mostly used for conventional sanding of raw wood or between coats on finish.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) different quality raw wood, (b) iron pipes among other items, (c) decorative paints.
Distress furniture by stripping it back to raw wood and choosing functional exposed hinges, brackets and handles to keep it looking utilitarian.
Strip it back to raw wood and choose functional exposed hinges, brackets and handles to keep it looking utilitarian.
TOUGH LIVING Simple and understated, colour and texture are key, and the industrial look is all about metallics, distressed surfaces and raw wood.
He defaced its front, ordered two pieces of raw wood to be nailed on it and then declared: "Now it's art.
Mang Roberto's sentiments are strong not just because of the income woodcarvers like him derive from raw wood, but because his group hopes that the government can do something to keep the culture of wood carving alive.
The EU woodworking industries import some 10% of the raw wood they use.
The head of the board told the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Monday, that the timber companies in Malaysia have launched extensive campaigns in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf states to promote their products, especially wooden furniture, decorations and raw wood materials.
The cellulose fibers featuring a high purity level are made from renewable raw wood materials, which are sourced from responsibly managed forests.
The use of paulownia as a fast-growing species not only is in favor of forest protection, but also can help to balance the demand for raw wood materials in our country.
Demand is up for the raw wood products Hines hauls, but the company doesn't have as many drivers as it needs to staff the number of trucks that would satiate that demand, so it selects loads and routes for efficacy's sake.
To add surface texture and depth variance, every remodeled VINT has a centrally located signature raw wood wall, and raw wood around a pared down simpler authentic chalkboard styled menu boards that suggest straightforward authenticity and quality.