raw vegetable

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an uncooked vegetable

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Raw vegetables are hard to digest, but have the benefit of containing more vitamins, which otherwise would be lost during the process of cooking.
Medical practitioners of the time believed that eating raw vegetables was highly beneficial to maintaining good health, and then, as now, people wanted to be as healthy as possible.
Health experts in Germany have recommended consumers avoid eating raw vegetables.
The same source made clear that imports of raw vegetable oils amounted at
Citizens must also be educated to avoid eating raw, undercooked snail meat or raw vegetables from regions that may be contaminated with infective mucous trails deposited by these snails (10).
With a fruitarian and raw vegetable diet at least two of those groups are going to be completely missing.
Fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices provide great nutritional value, quick energy, and take five minutes to prepare.
Raw vegetable storage, processing, finished product storage, and shipping areas each have unique temperature requirements.
Years of research and then connecting with FuelCell Energy have provided a breakthrough where the raw vegetable waste can be converted into electricity, thereby reducing greenhouse emissions, eliminating costly offsite waste disposal, reducing our energy needs, and making a new model for sustaining California agriculture.
I use it in soups and enjoy it as a raw vegetable snack.
She recalled the raw vegetable experience with a shudder but reckoned it can't have been harmful as she was very happy now.
Besides, with the increase in salad and raw vegetable intake, there was also an increase of vitamins and several carotenoids (antioxidants that give yellow, orange and red hues to many vegetables and fruits) in the blood.
2 Chopped vegetables: "Chopped raw vegetable sticks such as carrot, celery or cucumber are a simple easy to eat snack.
The Contractor undertakes to manufacture, supply and distribution of lunch (including fresh fruit or raw vegetable portion and incl.
Roderick Vecsey, 46, had been eating the raw vegetable when an argument broke out with wife Pamela.