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powerfully impressive talent

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Both Ravens and Raw Talent overcame teams from Karachi in their respective semi-finals.
working Maxime is a raw talent with pace, power and aggression, and is also good in the air Sky Blues boss Mark Robins
Professional coach Stephanie Cartwright-Randle says the competition is targeted at nding raw talent in young players who might have only played badminton in the back garden before.
com)-- Aveda Institute San Antonio is hosting its 6th Bi-annual Raw Talent Scholarship Contest January 11, 2014.
The contest unearths raw talent and gives them a chance to shine at a grand final in London's O2.
But we believe he has got the raw talent to make an impact here.
At this low-key solo acoustic gig Gillespie was charming and showed off her outstanding raw talent.
Allardyce said: "I had Andy as a young man at Newcastle when I was there, and you could see the raw talent.
Allardyce said: "I had Andy as a young man at Newcastle and you could see the raw talent.
ALBUM OF THE WEEK BOB DYLAN The Witmark Demos (Columbia) YOU'LL have heard most of the songs before, but this set of Dylan's earliest demo recordings proves a revelation of raw talent.
Ian Powell, Stourbridge Magic memories Alastair Down summed up beautifully the best jumps season ever, with the two finest men to grace the sport, both in raw talent and modesty.
The hunt is on for a raw talent to help officially open the store on Monday, October 8.
BRITAIN'S Got Talent has been truly amazing, with a high level of raw talent.
His attention to detail and strict protocol helped turn raw talent into a championship team.
While the current emphasis on riding the gravy train all the way to Fort Knox has made the majority of record labels--both the majors and indies--more focused on Soundscans and sales charts rather than trying to nurture raw talent, it can often be hard for discriminating music fans to find groups to trust when it comes to delivering a dynamic musical experience.