raving mad

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Synonyms for raving mad

talking or behaving irrationally


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THIS pay-and-display ticket machine has gone park raving mad.
Throw in the likes of tinned steak and kidney pies, and tinned Irish stew ("no lumps of fat or gristle guaranteed") and it's surprising we're not all stark, raving mad four decades on.
It was a far cry from McClaren's first game in charge when they trailed 4-1 to Ipswich, and he said: "If you'd have said we would be in this position having just won seven in a row after that first half against Ipswich I would have said you are raving mad.
You might think your manager is stark raving mad for not rating you as highly as he once did.
Before I go stark raving mad, I think I have a solution - we throw a parmo party for them.
There was no need to question whether he was stark raving mad - he was the first to admit that it was the most terrifying thing he'd ever planned to do - and from a man who has rowed 2,931 miles across the Atlantic, run the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert and even trekked to the South Pole, that's saying something.
I think the government must be stark raving mad making cuts to the police force in these times.
The lady across the street went stark raving mad which is a
I think we can safely assume the world has finally gone raving mad.
The whole thing smacks of political correctness gone stark raving mad.
com) box call to locate the perfect pitch for driving lustful spring gobblers raving mad with desire.
HAVE the BBC gone stark raving mad, pulling the plug on Last of the Summer Wine; the best programme on TV?
When she saw the news coverage of the convention she was outraged: "The eleven o'clock news made the whole conference look like we were stark raving mad.
Brisbane yachtsman Peter Harburg has purchased the 66-footer, Stark Raving Mad, in California with the intention of campaigning her at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.
Mfu, raised from seed a good boy - to do all he could - never went raving mad at his father, never shied from work, one to never mope: therefore when father said hold the shaving mirror for the white man, he held the shaving mirror for the white man, teaching himself to read the inscription: Kaloderma Shaving Soap.