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Synonyms for raver

a participant in a rave dancing party

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someone who rants and raves

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The Raver Tots event at Teesside University IAN COOPER
According to the 26-year-old, ravers normally pay a PS10 entry fee and can expect to be charged PS5 for a can of beer.
Ravers can also enjoy a licensed bar and a homemade cake stall.
Alison Lohman, as Christine Brown, just about to suffer a diabolic curse from Lorna Raver, as Mrs Ganush, in Drag Me to Hell
The 36-year-old, who calls herself a "cheesy quaver" raver, looks plain and ordinary in the pic.
I thought that was it,'' Raver recalls with a laugh while sitting at a Santa Monica coffee shop with the equivalent of a chai Big Gulp sitting before her.
Although we see the hostage standoff in only fleeting glimpses, the time as captives has obviously strained ties between the young lovers, while Raver and Daly exchange the kind of meaningful glances that suggest the prospect of something brewing between them.
The manic raver leapt into the crowds when The Prodigy played at Birmingham's NIA last week.
Craig Edwards, Nate Curry, Nick Erickson and Kyle Slaven had pins for the Billies, and Josh Bragman and David Raver won by pins for La Pine.
Each female raver that we hear from speaks for herself, elucidating possibilities and experiences that other female ravers may (or may not) share.
The hardest part of his job, he told me, had been changing the way he dressed to keep up with the latest raver trends, and making sure he knew enough about current electronic music to pass for an earnest, older raver.
With reference to the rave subculture, empirical studies of the meanings that raver youth give to their subcultural involvement are scarce, and little conceptual work has considered the socio-historical relevance of the subculture's pro-technology philosophy, apolitical views, and non-confrontational methods of 'resi stance'.
Grant Foundation Faculty Scholars Award, Raver has been researching Head Start children in similar situations to find out how they control their emotions when they face challenges, when they're upset, and when they're under stress.
As for being a rock star - there's no raver like and old raver," said Coun Rayner.
When Cadbury Schweppes reorganized last year, Vice President and Treasurer Bill Raver faced the choice of moving his family to England permanently or taking a severance package and moving into the job market.