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Synonyms for ravenous

Synonyms for ravenous

desiring or craving food

wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Synonyms for ravenous

extremely hungry

devouring or craving food in great quantities

References in classic literature ?
People never enjoy Abstract Science, you know, when they're ravenous with hunger.
The Trojans had gathered round Ulysses like ravenous mountain jackals round the carcase of some horned stag that has been hit with an arrow--the stag has fled at full speed so long as his blood was warm and his strength has lasted, but when the arrow has overcome him, the savage jackals devour him in the shady glades of the forest.
Even then, while I gazed, they came up in troops, hurriedly, with ravenous eyes, allured by the scent of the meat.
Now, when I killed the she-bear this fall, with her cubs, though they were so mighty ravenous, I knocked them over one at a shot, and loaded while I dodged the trees in the bargain; but this is a very different thing, Mr.
He was instantly flayed and cut up, and so ravenous was their hunger, that they devoured some of the flesh raw.
A few minutes later she brought in three covers, and we all drew up to the table, Holmes ravenous, I curious, and Phelps in the gloomiest state of depression.
When it is quite concluded, and not before, he disengages his ravenous eyes and fingers from it and answers Mr.
dull, aching misery in their eyes and ravenous hunger speaking from
He remembered the luncheon they had eaten together when first he came to Paris and the ghoulish appetite which had disgusted him: he realised now that she ate in that manner because she was ravenous.
Mostly he was fleeing from formless terrors down an interminable passage in an airship--a passage paved at first with ravenous trap-doors, and then with openwork canvas of the most careless description.
Not having found Kuragin in Turkey, Prince Andrew did not think it necessary to rush back to Russia after him, but all the same he knew that however long it might be before he met Kuragin, despite his contempt for him and despite all the proofs he deduced to convince himself that it was not worth stooping to a conflict with him- he knew that when he did meet him he would not be able to resist calling him out, any more than a ravenous man can help snatching at food.
Everything in Bunbury is eatable to ravenous human creatures like you.
In fact, my attention was almost wholly absorbed in my dinner: not from ravenous appetite, but from distress at the toughness of the beefsteaks, and the numbness of my hands, almost palsied by their five-hours' exposure to the bitter wind.
And not only were they anxious to do all in their power to hasten the day when the Mahars should be overthrown, but--and this counted for most of all--they are simply ravenous for greater knowledge and for better ways of doing things.
When Tarzan reached the trench and emerged into it there was no one in sight in that particular bay, nor in the next, nor the next as he hurried forward in the direction of the German center; but in the fourth bay he saw a dozen men jammed in the angle of the traverse at the end while leaping upon them and rending with talons and fangs was Numa, a terrific incarnation of ferocity and ravenous hunger.