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Synonyms for raveling

a bit of fiber that has become separated from woven fabric


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The most important thing I learned from Coach Raveling was the ability to prepare for all possibilities.
He showed people in the league that you could have a quality program and not be located in Southern California,'' Raveling said.
Well, he quickly called Williams and apologized, but he did not reach Raveling, who told the Spokesman-Review: ``I think I was immensely loyal (to Washington State).
It will be the first time Raveling has done a USC game since he resigned in 1994.
It made any pain that came with coaching at USC worth it,'' Raveling said.
When she decided to sue former employer USC for discrimination, Stanley was labeled a whiner, a crier, a sniveler - and much worse, all for daring to suggest that she should be paid the same as her male counterpart, then-men's basketball coach George Raveling.
George Raveling, by all indications, was unraveling.
I understand what the intent is," said George Raveling, former USC men's basketball coach and current National Association of Basketball Coaches president.