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Yes, this is a long way from the gyrating heavy sweating rave-ups of today, though maybe a lot closer to the new Saturday night hit-show Strictly Come Dancing which starts a second series next month.
66), careen among irresistible hooks, lush, dense arrangements, and frantically layered rave-ups.
You can use a different wall covering on each side,for example; a wild zebra design for rave-ups backed with gentle pink tea roses for when the vicar calls.
Up to 30 people crowded into his small terraced home as Gnojek threw his regular late-night rave-ups.
Each day a newsletter keeps passengers informed about what is on offer in the way of evening entertainment, ranging from games shows, 50s nights or rave-ups in the nightclub.
The Kink Kontroversy - Deluxe Edition: The band's second album of 1965 transitioned from R&B rave-ups such as "Milk Cow Blues" and the pop beauty of "Till The End Of The Day" to indications of the future direction of Ray Davies' songwriting with the laidback garage punk of "The World Keeps Going Round" and "I'm On An Island.
Ke$ha is a brat in a girl's world, unleashing user-friendly disco rave-ups and straight-talking, take-no-prisoners attacks - as on Backstabber.
While the musicians may still have dreams of becoming the Clash for the new millennium in the back of their collective heads, Rancid is best when they are being Rancid, and that's exactly what you get on the band's first studio album in six years, "Let the Dominoes Fall," which features 19 piping hot punk rave-ups clocking in at a lean, mean 45 minutes.
Rhino's latest box can be seen as something of a sequel to 1999's ``Loud, Fast & Out of Control,'' though this four-disc set's aim is narrower, culling 101 pure rockabilly rave-ups recorded from 1954 to 1969.
WRINKLY rocker Nicholas Uglow drove neighbours up the wall by holding all-night rave-ups and blasting out music - on an OLD FOLK'S complex.
Remember the original Liverpool rave-ups at Quadrant Park, the Buzz, thePleasuredome?
This lovely retro-pop agglomeration has continually expanded its sonic repertoire, embracing big, horn-laden, Fabulon tinged rave-ups as ably as assimilating Merseyside jingle-jangle, prime evidence their remarkable 2000 release The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone.
The songs on this record range from '80s pop and '60s rave-ups to blue-eyed soul, R&B and old time country with a healthy dose of classic rock, for sure.