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Synonyms for rattled

thrown into a state of agitated confusion

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I can't recall seeing him rattled," Kelly said the other day, after pausing to consider it.
With the war of words intensifying between the two rivals, Hamilton said: "I don't think I've ever been rattled.
For a minute I rattled and then remained motionless, watching and listening.
1 : to make or cause to make a rapid series of short sharp sounds <Wind rattled the windows.
He then climbed into the simulator, which rattled like a roller coaster and jostled its riders as it dislodged fake furniture.
Tomorrow night they join club promoters, Rattled by the Rush, for an exclusive DJ set as part of their Christmas Party at Northumbria University's Students' Union, in Newcastle.
Recorded on October 22, 2000 all the old chestnuts are here, with We Are Motorhead, Orgasmatron, Bomber, Ace Of Spades and Overkill rattled off at machine-gun pace and at brain-damaging decibel levels.
The snakes rattled in only 60 percent of the encounters and never tried to strike during these disturbances, says Prior.
Confirmation That a Wrong Yuan Revaluation Story Was a Case of Mistranslation before Other Agencies Managed to Track Down Real Reasons for a False Report That Had Rattled Markets
In Phase One of the study, Hellickson placed observers in observation towers to watch for bucks as other researchers rattled on the ground.
I rattled in five in one morning and another hunter rattled in two in one afternoon, including a buck that green-scored just over 168 inches.
Some said beds rattled and moved, one said a building creaked.
We turned around and rattled back north on the bumpy road, deprived only of the use of the CD player.
The buck mentioned in the opening paragraphs was rattled in two weeks after peak rut.
Since 1938, great earthquakes--with magnitudes exceeding 8 -- have rattled different segments of the island chain as a result of the Pacific plate subducting, or sliding beneath, the North American plate.