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(nautical) a small horizontal rope between the shrouds of a sailing ship

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Previous issues of the Occupational Outlook Quarterly contain articles on job shadowing (summer 1998) and informational interviewing (summer 2002, also available ratline at www.
Before you respond to any ratline, investment opportunities, the Federal Trade Commission says to look for these red flags:
Ratline sheltered ex-members in Rome before moving them on to South America - almost certainly the route used by Ustasha head Anti Pavelic.
Built with the tightest tolerances, the Ratline Surgical has a straightness of +/-.
The line of sanders includes a vertical sander for hang-lines and standard horizontal sanders for ratline sanding, using patented technology.
His name was Father Krunoslav Draganovic who helped The Entity to set up what became known to the CIA and Britain's Secret Intelligence Service - later MI6 - as the Vatican Ratline.
Deloitte IFRS e-Learning, free ratline courses explaining IFRS, www.
military intelligence agents reached a de facto working agreement with Dragonovic, the terms of which were mutually beneficial: The United States turned a blind eye to the bad guys going down the monsignor's ratline, and in turn he expedited the flight of figures important to American spymasters.
The manufacturing facility is going to be dedicated to expanding our flatline veneer press, and then there will be a large UV ratline finishing system," Wagner says.
He played a drum to the first mate's fiddle and envied the men shinning up the ratlines.
Adult 2,3,7,8-tetrachloro-dibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) exposure and effects on male reproductive organs in three differentially TCDD-susceptible ratlines.
The bulk of our stains and glazes are still hand applied, but we utilize the ratlines for the vast majority of the sealing and topcoating processes.
I altered course towards it, then climbed the ratlines for a better view.