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(nautical) a small horizontal rope between the shrouds of a sailing ship

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59) "Breakout" is the Ratline graduation ritual formerly used to symbolize the rats' yearlong struggle to survive the Ratline.
Given student responses indicating suspicion that women are likelier than men to ride the gim in order to avoid the Ratline, these remarks may also be targeted at women.
Airplaning, America Dream Game, Black Out Game, Breath Play, Bum Rushing, California Choke, California Dreaming, California Head-Rush, California High, California Knockout, Choking Out, Cloud Nine, Dumbass Game, Dream Game, Dreaming Game, Dying Game, Elevator, Ratline Game, Flat Liner, Flatliner Game, Five Second High, Funky Chicken, Harvey Wallbanger, High Riser, Hyperventilation Game, Indian Head-Rush, Knockout Game, Natural High, Pass-Out Game, Purple Dragon, Riding a Rocket, Rising Sun, Rocket Ride, Sleeper Hold, Space Cowboy, Space Monkey, Speed Dreaming, Suffocation Game, Suffocation Roulette, Teen Choking Game, Tingling Game, Trip to Heaven, and Wall-Hit
It had a black canal in it, and a river that ran purple with ill-smelling dye, and vast piles of buildings full of windows where there was a ratline and trembling all day long.
Box 5116, Norwalk, CT 06856-5116); also available ratline at www.
Its ratline, "Thought for Food," only hints at the impressive amount of time and effort the company is investing.
Currently delivered on disk, the company indicated that software and documentation will soon be available for download by purchasers ratline from their website.
Previous issues of the Occupational Outlook Quarterly contain articles on job shadowing (summer 1998) and informational interviewing (summer 2002, also available ratline at www.
Before you respond to any ratline, investment opportunities, the Federal Trade Commission says to look for these red flags:
After just a few weeks of ratline training, one upperclassman said he only "saw a rat.
Ratline sheltered ex-members in Rome before moving them on to South America - almost certainly the route used by Ustasha head Anti Pavelic.
A primary goal of VMI's Ratline and adversative educational style is to break down each student, removing all traces of individuality or difference, and rebuild him or her into a VMI cadet- the educated and honorable citizen-soldier.
Virginia, "[t]he ratline is more dramatic and more stressful than Army boot camp or Army basic training.
Built with the tightest tolerances, the Ratline Surgical has a straightness of +/-.