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in a rational manner


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It is almost impossible to say if he ever had considered the event rationally.
Some of the young clerks, who were making their first voyage, and to whom everything was new and strange, were, very rationally, in the habit of taking notes and keeping journals.
The attempt to express spiritual ideas through the medium of the secular epic, with its battles and councils and all the forms of physical life, is of course rationally paradoxical.
I would be quiet if he liked, and as to talking rationally, I flattered myself I was doing that now.
nephew," exclaimed the canon, "if your wife were here, you would behave more rationally.
I have heard it all very rationally explained by your cousin—”
Niang and Stigers argued the license requirement is not rationally related to any legitimate government interest, Benton wrote.
Summary: New Delhi [India] Dec 26 (ANI): Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday urged the people to use water rationally.
Vedanta Biosciences, an affiliate of PureTech Health, is developing a novel class of therapies for immune and infectious diseases based on rationally designed consortia of bacteria derived from the human microbiome.
Indeed, the laws of identity, causality, and non-contradiction are so fundamental that they are not rationally deniable.
Kami mayroon kaming maliwanag na plataporma na ito pwedeng ipatupad na sa tingin ko, well sa tingin ko, well, rationally, 'pag naipatupad ito, sa palagay ko malaki iaasenso ng ating bansa, he further said.
Muscat: Public have been urged by Public Authority of Electricity and Water (PAEW) to use water rationally for the coming two days as a technical problem has developed in the desalination plant in Quriyat.
If they act rationally, we can see positive corrections during 2015.
It's in everyone's interests - including Alex Salmond's - to act rationally and reasonably by parking that idea and moving on.
Ironically though, Amerini maintains with Thomas that the rationally ensouled is not considered thus ensouled because the subject actually acts rationally, but because it's supposed that it potentially could.