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Synonyms for rationality

what is sound or reasonable

exact, valid, and rational reasoning

Synonyms for rationality

the state of having good sense and sound judgment

the quality of being consistent with or based on logic

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With respect to this conception of rationality, the term "rational" is applied to the beliefs and actions of human beings.
I will now discuss the use of experimental methods to study market-and-personal-exchange phenomena while at the same time introducing Vernon Smith's concept of two types of rationality, their interplay in economic analysis, and the experimental evidence regarding the two.
It is, in short, an attempt to synthesize a wide range of information from the biological and psychological disciplines to cause us to think more critically about the role of rationality in political decision making.
The rationality has two economic and legal aspects.
The resources approach, bounded rationality and the inclusion of skills, different ways of taking into account implicitly the behavior of agents in the context of rationality.
This means, then, that the theology underpinning a doctrine is brought to life through "value rationality," which enables the individual to create/recreate/enforce his/her own convictions.
They, therefore, operate as incommensurable, though not necessarily as wholly incompatible systems of rationality.
Double-Humeans can answer Korsgaard's objection if their views of action and rationality measure agents' actual desires differently.
In other words, rationality has intrinsic value and benevolence partially constitutes rationality, because the rational person, in acting rationally, will act benevolently.
Researchers at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and at Harvard University have claimed that dogs don't really pick up on rationality.
Berger, Johnson, & Lee (2003) conducted two experiments to examine the conjoint effects of participant rationality and base-rate information on apprehension about a threat.
In section 3, I suggest that, given what we know about human knowledge, the authoritarian concept of theoretical rationality generates a number of absurdities.
She provides a wonderful comparison between what she terms the "rationality project" and the world associated with the "polity" (in short, she compares economic rationality with political reasoning).
That theory is now available in its entirety in her Rationality and the Structure of the Self.
The introduction of rationality (or at least the capacity for rationality) into the concept of personhood has profound ramifications for contemporary life issues.