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(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired by reason without resort to experience

the theological doctrine that human reason rather than divine revelation establishes religious truth

the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct

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Indeed, he wrote, everything was up for debate in such a society except for the foundational premise that rationalism was the best way for a society to be organized.
I am concerned that diplomatic rationalism, as a critical part of the broader influence of economic rationalism, is eroding the moral strength and, quite possibly, the democratic institutions of Australia.
Behind modern philosophy's alternatives of rationalism and empiricism, for example, she recognized a shared assumption: Abstract knowledge is neither based on, nor applicable to, the perceptible world we live in.
Derrida's deconstructive program aims to dismantle metaphysics, and it is clear than pantheistic yearnings would be called metaphysical--a specific faulty instance, Derrida might say, of what he calls "the metaphysics of presence" Insofar as Wordsworth was influenced by Enlightenment rationalism, this would be condemned by Derrida as a fatal example of logocentrism.
While Lynch responds to Rorty's claim that there is no objective truth in a careful and sensible way, he never mentions, let alone hears from and responds to, the German philosophers' far more radical criticisms of rationalism and of its moral and spiritual consequences.
However, this doubt and uncertainty is balanced and complemented by a trend towards rationalism.
In his anxiety to rehabilitate the Victorians as rational, sensual heterosexuals, Mason overstates the power of pre-Victorian revolutionary ideas about rationalism and human perfectibility.
It is from this kind of social rationalism or constructivism that all modern socialism, planning and totalitarianism derives.
Rationalism and the Content of Intuitive Judgements, ANNA-SARA MALMGREN
In this analysis of the writing of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Flannery O'Connor, Piper (American literature, Dartmouth College) uses German philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer's notions on the nature of art to assert the primacy of aesthetic experience over the claims of modern scientific rationalism that Hawthorne and O'Connor both demonstrate as destructive in their fiction.
In his own work, Kleihues was much influenced by the Italian variety of Rationalism (the Tendenza), forcibly promoted by Aldo Rossi in books like L'Architettura delle Citta (1962) and Architettura Razionale (1982).
These painted walls also inevitably brought to mind the utterly precise, masculine rationalism of an artist like Sol Le Witt, to whose work van der Stokker presents a deliberate contrast.
Rubenstein says Athanasius and his followers saw Christianity as a sharp break from the past, and believed that "Greek humanism and rationalism were shallow; Judaism was an offensive, anti-Christian faith; and.
Chapter two traces in the Apologie negative theology's challenge not only of rationalism but also of docta ignorantia and pyrrhonism.
This ambitious collection is an attempt not just to add new topics to Chinese social history but in the Foucauldian tradition to question Western social science, rooted in 18th century rationalism, which, it is argued, essentializes the individual, separates power from culture, divorces the biological body from spirit, mind and role, converts this viewpoint into common sense, and thereby masks ongoing systems of inequality.