rational number

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an integer or a fraction


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for some square-free integer D [not member of] {0,1}, some [delta] [member of] {0, 1}, and some distinct rational numbers [e.
2013; Wu, 2001) have documented that developing proficiency in understanding fractions is critical if strong conceptual understanding of further mathematical concepts such as rational numbers, proportional reasoning, and algebra is to be built.
Rational number and proportional reasoning: Using intensive quantities to promote achievement in mathematics and science.
The first unit included a series of computer-based modules and concretized manipulatives designed to develop students' understanding and procedural competence with rational numbers.
With this new model it is possible to compute any rational number but we still do not know if any algebraic number is computable ; [BFK12] suggests that this should be the case.
Rational number learning aids: Transfer from continuous models to discrete models.
Right, but is it another way of understanding a decimal expansion independent of from where it comes from, let us say, from a rational number and the associated process of repeated division?
Heuer: Rational numbers generated by two integers, Am.
The rational number constructs: Its elements and mechanisms.
I think we will come up with a rational number that will be agreeable to all, or at least to those that really want to see it through.
The data reveals that preservice teachers apply well-ingrained whole number rules, instead of weakly understood fraction and decimal concepts, to draw false conclusion about rational number representations, such as 0.
These problems will test his understanding of rational number (i.
a]+, it is at least as great as any rational number in the set
The square root of 2 is therefore not a rational number.
Since it was established that the current exiting the output of a normalized network is [square root] N and that this current is the sum of only rational magnitude currents, it is essential to show that the sum of any rational numbers will only yield another rational number.