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Synonyms for rational

Synonyms for rational

able to reason validly

mentally healthy

consistent with reason and intellect

Synonyms for rational

an integer or a fraction

consistent with or based on or using reason

of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind

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capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers


having its source in or being guided by the intellect (as distinguished from experience or emotion)

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In Prince Andrew's eyes Speranski was the man he would himself have wished to be- one who explained all the facts of life reasonably, considered important only what was rational, and was capable of applying the standard of reason to everything.
There could have been but a single deduction in the mind of the Mahar--there were other worlds than Pellucidar, and the gilak was a rational being.
In those words, Lord Montbarry stated the case to his brother from the rational point of view.
For example, I might give you what they call the rational explanation, to begin with.
But excuse me for speaking plainly--the rational explanation is thrown away on me.
I don't believe in the rational explanation myself.
That the standard of culture is falling, and that with our present relations to the peasants there is no possibility of famling on a rational system to yield a profit--that's perfectly true," said he.
I mix with all the neighboring landowners, who are cultivating their land on a rational system; they all, with rare exceptions, are doing so at a loss.
Both combatants fell dead upon the ground; and possibly some rational people may think of them, as of the gloomy madmen on the Monks' Mound, that they were no great loss to the community.
Here the poor ignorant creatures, not sensible that they were within reach of the same mischief, stood all together over the wounded man, talking, and, as may be supposed, inquiring of him how he came to be hurt; and who, it is very rational to believe, told them that a flash of fire first, and immediately after that thunder from their gods, had killed those two and wounded him.
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