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Synonyms for ratiocinate

to use the powers of the mind, as in conceiving ideas, drawing inferences, and making judgments

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reason methodologically and logically

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Most of his arguments to develop themes or prove the theses he derives from the text under analysis are logical arguments, mainly ratiocinations.
It is only after the presence of studies of this kind that Kornblatt's ratiocinations could be read with true Interest.
Two ratiocinations were identified: (1) family drug taking had been eminently defined as masculine and for authority figures; thus, tolerance toward women doing the same was low; and (2) such a low tolerance derived, in turn, from two culturally constructed figures: the woman-wife and the woman-mother.
For all of Zuckerman's ratiocinations, at some level Swede remains his role model.
En face de ces ratiocinations delirantes et de ces speculations fumeuses, deja une minorite liberale (dont quelques autres abbes et nombre d'ecrivains laics comme Etienne Pascal Tache, Pierre Chauveau et Lord Dufferin) croyait en la richesse du metissage et admettait que << les hommes entrent en conflit, la race est toujours la meme >> (Nevers) (372).
These ratiocinations are so childish that it is embarrassing to see them advanced seriously by a professor of physics.
He would damn not only romantic literature--as well as nearly all literature in one's native tongue--but even, for harboring a stealthy optimism, the system-making of medieval scholasticism and the ratiocinations of Neo-Platonism.
Though his vision of the future international order differed significantly from what he criticized as the overly abstract ratiocinations of others, Taparelli had no less a fervent faith in the ability of a just, universal order to resolve conflict and to advance the satisfaction of all but the ultimately transcendent longings of humanity.
Yet, his research and ratiocinations will be appreciated by all who are intrigued by Stravinsky's early masterpiece.
Far from being extensive ratiocinations, the style of the discursive passages in Corazon tan blanco gives words more significance.
Minnis also ponders the presentation of a religious message, but at a more theoretical level of discussion: Henry of Ghent's ratiocinations on the place of artfulness in Scripture.