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Synonyms for ratiocinate

to use the powers of the mind, as in conceiving ideas, drawing inferences, and making judgments

Words related to ratiocinate

reason methodologically and logically

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The historical records of Egypt entailing a rational account of genealogy and temporal periods (before and after), ratiocinate human events in a regulated manner, just as law brings about stability for the polis.
I asked learned, erudite experts of the English faculty on their annotations for the ratiocinate anomalous polemics therein.
They ratiocinate that by trimming twigs and detaching dried boughs of the tree, these strokes act like prune.
Edgar Allan Poe ratiocinates in novels by Randall Silvis, Harold Schechter, Manny Meyers, Matthew Pearl, and many others.
When he gets angry or frustrated or just ratiocinates about something, my father drives very, very fast.