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Synonyms for ratification

Synonyms for ratification

an act of confirming officially

Synonyms for ratification

making something valid by formally ratifying or confirming it


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It is observable that among the numerous objections and amendments suggested by the several States, when these articles were submitted for their ratification, not one is found which alludes to the great and radical error which on actual trial has discovered itself.
Next week, there were more visits to Doctors' Commons, and there was a visit to the Legacy Duty Office besides, and there were treaties entered into, for the disposal of the lease and business, and ratifications of the same, and inventories to be made out, and lunches to be taken, and dinners to be eaten, and so many profitable things to be done, and such a mass of papers accumulated that Mr.
His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani issued on Thursday an instrument of ratification approving the ratification of an agreement between the governments of the State of Qatar and the Republic of Turkey on mutual legal support on criminal affairs, which was signed in Doha on November 15, 2017.
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani issued an instrument of ratification approving a draft memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of tourism between the Government of the State of Qatar and the Government of the Sultanate of Oman signed in Doha on 7/10/2015.
Summary: The General Secretariat of the (GCC) has received the UAE's ratification documents for the two agreements
The ratification will be transmitted by the Office of the President to the Office of Senator Loren Legarda for the Senate to concur in its ratification,' a highly-placed source told the Inquirer.
14 -- On 12 January 2016, the Government of Sri Lanka deposited with the International Labour Office, the instrument of ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006).
Maleeha Lodhi, deposited the Instrument of Ratification signed by the President of Pakistan.
Environment ministers from all 28 European Union states agreed on Friday to a fast-track, collective ratification of last year's UN Paris climate deal, the EU said.
With the United States and China having confirmed their ratification of the Paris Agreement, Ms Cunningham has written to Greg Clark the UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Policy calling for the UK to show continued leadership through swift ratification.
Ratification is defined as the confirmation or affirmation by a person with proper authority of a prior act performed by another person who lacked authority.
Le president de la Republique, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, a signe hier, conformement a l'article 91-9 de la Constitution, des decrets presidentiels portant ratification de plusieurs accords et conventions, indique un communique de la presidence de la Republique.
The Constitution Before the judgment Seat: The Prehistory and Ratification of the American Constitution, 1787-1791.
541(3), which requires legislative ratification of agency rules having adverse economic impacts or regulatory costs exceeding the threshold established by that same legislation in [section]120.
Terms for ratification of financial agreements by the World Bank reach almost 2.