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a person who pays local rates (especially a householder)

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It seems Gwynedd Ratepayer would prefer those residents to have to wait a long time for help to arrive.
They claim that the benefit for ratepayers is pounds 7.
Former Water and Power Commission President Nick Patsaouras has been pushing for a change to the City Charter that would create a ratepayer advocate but said he supports the council effort.
ONLY 77 ratepayers responded to a consultation on the future of domestic rates, it emerged yesterday.
Thanks to CLF efforts, the sale was approved on terms that protect ratepayers and should hasten VY's shutdown.
HOW is it that the Ratepayers, after years of protesting that they are not ''Tories in drag'', have failed to field a candidate in the Hillmorton ward in Rugby?
Their ratepayers swamped many congressional offices with mail, putting intense political pressure on any wavering members.
Company spending ratepayer money on Proposition 16 in PG&E's next General Rate Case, and to consider reducing PG&E's return on equity by the 9 cents per share PG&E Corp.
The ratepayer advocate's office has been silent as this and other scandals unfolded, making it an accomplice," Consumer Watchdog's letter said.
I am as a ratepayer also concerned at the number of Council-owned vans lorries etc parked overnight outside private houses.
Recently, former DWP Commission Chairman Nick Patsaouras launched a campaign to change the City Charter to create the position of ratepayer advocate.
BOSTON -- Yesterday, Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), an employer association of 7,000 Bay State businesses and institutions, along with the Greater Boston Real Estate Board, the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP), and The Energy Consortium, submitted comments relating to an investigation by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) concerning an update of the Commonwealth's ratepayer funded energy efficiency program.
The third party assigned to deal with disputes between consumers and LAWDP is Paul Bender, a utility consultant, who is much more likely to side with the nation's largest public utility than any ratepayer.
Once established, the Direct Debit system continues year after year until a ratepayer chooses to stop the arrangement.
This will indicate when the appeal is likely to be set down for a Valuation Tribunal hearing and when the Valuation Officer will be in a position to discuss the appeal - which should speed up the appeals process dramatically and reassure the ratepayer that actions are being taken to protect their interests and achieve savings on their behalf and as quickly as possible.