rate of pay

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amount of money received per unit time

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A spokeswoman for Waitrose said that its hourly rate of pay is currently PS6.
The pay rise follows a decision by Liverpool City Council to implement the "Living Wage" as the minimum rate of pay for all of its workers.
They were offered the rate of pay that was advertised for these posts.
The living wage is a voluntary rate of pay that some employers give their staff and since 2001 it has positively impacted more than 10,000 employees and their families and redistributed over PS96 million to some of the lowest paid workers in the UK, KPMG said.
In a recent ballot of Unite's 28,000 Busworkers 99 percent voted yes to the proposed single rate of pay across the network.
This computation involves totaling the straight time earnings at each rate of pay during the week, then dividing that amount by the number of hours worked in the week.
However, Asda said it was disappointed at the union's response as the lower rate of pay only applied to 20,000 of its 130,000 store staff who chose to be on "old rates" that pay extra for weekends.
Also, both groups receive an increased rate of pay, equalling that recommended by the national Fostering Network.
The campaign is being supported by Unison and the GMB and it includes a petition urging people to recognise that home carers provide a 'dedicated, skilled and professional service' to the most vulnerable in the community and support their fight to maintain their hourly rate of pay.
Some employers prefer to pay a basic hourly rate of pay which includes an allowance in place of paid annual leave.
But are people aware that even if Tony Blair worked an average 100 hours a week, his rate of pay would be pounds 33 per hour, plus expenses and perks?
The rate of pay raise is the lowest since the inception of such a survey in 1968, Nippon Keidanren said.
more than 40 hours in a week) one and a half times the employee's regular rate of pay for all overtime hours.
The survey also found that the larger the hospital and the higher the rate of pay, the less turnover there is.
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