rate of interest

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the percentage of a sum of money charged for its use

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The agenda listed for the meeting of the trustees include the proposal for the rate of interest on the EPF deposits for the current financial year.
Was it an accident that the natural rate of interest fell steeply during the Great Recession, Nakamura wondered.
95 per cent rate of interest as it would leave a surplus of ` 100 crore.
Our analysis centers on the model that we developed to measure highly persistent movements in the natural rate of interest [Laubach and Williams 2003].
In accordance with the terms of the prospectus dated 12 June 1992, the Bank of England said that the rate of interest payable on the 4 1/8% Index-Linked Treasury Stock 2030 for the interest payment due on 22 July 2016 will be GBP3.
8 per cent rate of interest would have left a surplus of Rs 77.
The rate of interest for NRE term deposits for a period of one year to less than three years is 9.
03(1) requires the chief financial officer to set the rate of interest payable on judgments and decrees on December 1, March 1, June 1, and September 1 of each year for the following applicable quarter.
Capital is protected so savers still get their original deposit back, plus the fixed rate of interest even if deflation occurs.
CHRISTINE McMILLAN knew exactly what she wanted when she went looking for a savings account - a top rate of interest with no strings.
These accounts often give a higher rate of interest than a normal savings account"However, they usually come with a restriction on the number of withdrawals, which if exceeded can mean a dramatic drop in the rate of interest paid or even that the account has to be closed.
It is extremely unfair that the poorest are often targeted, not just by loan sharks, but by legal banks or companies which have astronomical rate of interest and just plunge the most vulnerable into even more debt.
The Office of Fair Trading has ordered an inquiry into storecards and their rate of interest.
The proposed rate of interest is the Bank of Canada average rate plus 3% calculated daily and compounded monthly starting on July 1, 2002.
The company also provides owners with a short-term "transition account" that allows them to "park" their money without charges until they decide on a new guarantee period, wait for a certain rate of interest or choose another investment option.