ratchet down

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move by degrees in one direction only

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That does carry with it some dangerous implications: insurers will look for any way they can to restrict procedures they deem" unnecessary," to get rid of people they consider "bad risks," and to ratchet down on physician payment even further.
Competition is such that it is better to ratchet down prices a quarter or two than squeeze them for every dollar possible.
Unfortunately, the government ratchets down what I am allowed to collect for my services, but neglects to ratchet down my expenses as well
In a March 6 decision that the energy firm says helps preserve demand response and protect New York from the likelihood of "going dark," this summer, FERC rejected the New York Independent System Operator's (NYISO's) plan to ratchet down price caps for New York City's reserve power, to which three major power generators are subject.
While the Retirement Red Zone[SM] is no time to take the risks of someone with a very long time horizon, it also is not a good idea to dramatically ratchet down risk, not only because people spend so much time in retirement, but also because a comfortable level of risk should not be discounted purely for tradition's sake.
So what did Makin do in response to attempts to ratchet down his star's achievements a notch or two?
Our advice: ratchet down the fat until your taste buds say "uncle.
The problem is that sometimes the inflammatory attacks don't ratchet down when the threat is gone, and our immune cells keep pumping out free radicals.
Wilson expressed the concern of many physicians that private payers will follow Medicare's lead, resulting in "a ripple effect as they ratchet down their payments.
Generally, the inclusion of intellectual property provisions in multiple trade agreements makes it much harder to ratchet down international patent protection obligations.
A moderately tough home stretch might not allow it, but Lakers coach Phil Jackson is hoping to ratchet down the minutes of his starters in the final few weeks of the season.
But at some point, the amount of reimbursement payments will begin to ratchet down.
To this end the firm is reconfiguring its sales force around vertical industry sectors as opposed to geographical boundaries and is centralizing its customer administration centers, which will also ratchet down costs.
The underlying issue was an attempt by the state to ratchet down the number of nursing home beds and rein in the costs of our expensive system by replacing appropriate nursing home services with intermediate services, while maintaining the high level of care and high quality we were used to.
If we had recognized earlier that the rate differential wasn't sustainable, we could have had more time to ratchet down our costs," he notes.