ratchet down

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move by degrees in one direction only

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Our ancestral system wants to ratchet down in the fading sunlight, but we have to go to work.
But if the FDA can ratchet down nicotine in conventional cigarettes to levels below what's in e-cigarettes, perhaps everyone who clings to smoking will switch to the higher-nicotine new products.
The right diet can help you ratchet down your stress.
He pointed to an offer made on Wednesday by Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar to her Indian counterpart for talks to ratchet down the tension.
The act proposes that the federal government pick up the full cost of the expansion from 2014 to 2016 and then ratchet down to 90 percent in 2022.
Beijing public safety authorities on Wednesday appealed to citizens via a mass text message not to stage anti-Japan rallies in an apparent attempt to ratchet down anti-Japan sentiment that boiled over in recent days, according to the Japanese Embassy in Beijing.
Tough permitting and enforcement: EPA and NJDEP should issue permits with tough, numeric limits for each type of toxic pollution discharged, ratchet down those limits over time, and enforce those limits with credible penalties, not just warning letters.
Having served Greater Boston for 120 years, today its niche is preparing evidence-based nursing leaders with 21st century health care skills--the kind of better practices and just-in-time solutions that can ratchet down costs and increase quality of care.
6 billion in 2009 revenue, decided to ratchet down commodity risk by acquiring more rate-regulated utilities, it had to finance two major purchases within 12 months.
Yes, the insurers have had incentive to withhold care, ratchet down on payment to practitioners, and find ways to eliminate plan members who suddenly-become expensive.
He added: "But this trend offers a challenge for the American public: If we ratchet up our security concerns when the rate of terrorism rises, should we ratchet down our concerns when it falls?
But very few politicians in Washington - including Ben Bernanke- the chairman of the Federal Reserve think the programme will create the robust growth needed to ratchet down the unemployment rate.
peacekeepers convened a rare three-way meeting with Israel and Lebanon in an effort to ratchet down tensions after Tuesday's deadly skirmish.
Frustrated by the failure of the climate summit in Copenhagen to set binding limits on global greenhouse gas emissions, at least one island nation is pursuing a legal challenge as a means to ratchet down the emissions of industrialized nations.
Each foreclosure resets values in a market, appraisals ratchet down, and homes over $350,000-$400,000 remain unsold.