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mechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction

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Although time consuming, Ratch depicts this documentation process as remarkably fulfilling.
Noel Ratch is unabashed when expressing his admiration for Brown.
According to Ratch, his ultimate purpose is to entertain the public while at the same time educating them about a horrific event, an engagement in which over 900 Canadians were killed and nearly 2000 became prisoners of war.
However, as a museum curator, Ratch faced many unique challenges when he set out to spearhead an exhibit on the topic.
The computer-generated creatures are so detailed that the picture of the Ratch, one of the futuristic animals, includes more than 750,000 individual hairs.
He just marveled at the growth of the club,'' said staffer Jeannette DeRosier Ratch.
H Pipe Wrench Stilson Type With Polished Jaws As Per Is 4003 1 1978, Size 450Mm, Qty-01 No, I Torque Wrench Ratch Type S Per Is 6789-2008, Size 10-50, Lb Ft Half Inch, Model- Twr-50 Of Taparia Or Similar Qty-01 No.
She died of a single gunshot wound to the neck, and was bbbed of possessions worth pounds 8,200: a (Horgio Armani ratch, a white gold and diamond bracelet, a handbag and a lackberry phone.
RATCH and Banpu Power own 40% each in HPC, while Lao Holding State Enterprise holds the remaining share.
Another rat descendant will be the RATCH - a scavenger the size of a pig, with long legs, web-like feet and a whiskered snout to help it probe for dead animals in the mud.
Previously this month, Whitsunday Regional Council had sanctioned an application by Ratch for the development of a solar farm at the Collinsville Power Station site.
Ratch Australia, energy giant, willing to construct $540 million windfarm at Mt Emerald near Tolga, is looking at building a solar farm in the Far North.
RATCH is aiming to use, where possible, existing plant infrastructure, which would generate significant cost savings relative to the costs of constructing a new plant.
The discussions have now ended between the federal government and various power firms including TRUenergy, Alinta, International power and RATCH.