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convert (an image) into pixels

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Letting the rasterizer divide the shape into fragments is faster than specifying fragments explicitly.
The GeForce2 GTS includes the NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR), a radical new technology that enables advanced per-pixel shading capabilities.
In particular, in Alappat, the Federal Circuit held that means-plus-function claims directed to the smoothing or anti-aliasing of a wave form for output on a rasterizer display constitutes statutory subject matter.
The rasterizer algorithm is closely intertwined with the rest of the oscilloscope.
The Fire GL2 and Fire GL3 include the IBM RC 1000 256-bit graphics rasterizer and a 256-bit double data rate (DDR) memory interface that doubles the usable bandwidth to provide fast frame rates at higher resolutions and color depths.
Tektronix, an industry-leading innovator of video quality monitoring solutions, today announced that its customer Globosat, the largest pay TV provider in Latin America and market leader in Brazil, will use the Tektronix WVR8300 Waveform Rasterizer as part of its comprehensive effort to ensure that the image quality of its 4K broadcast of the 2014 FIFA World CupTM is as flawless as possible.
In dual screen mode, the Oxygen GVX420 can directly drive two independent displays each with a dedicated rasterizer, effectively acting as two 64MB graphics boards.
Volume types such as Fur, Light Fog, Particles and Fluids will be able to be rendered together without artifacts using scanline or rasterizer rendering for improved render speed and memory usage.
0 font engine, the newest version of Monotype Imaging's font rasterizer that enables the rapid display of scalable characters on memory-constrained devices.
The iType rasterizer also features support for Monotype Imaging's stroke-based fonts for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.
In addition, the Ikivo Animator content authoring tool includes support for the iType rasterizer, giving content developers access to the client framework environment within the content creation workflow process.
SwiftShader can perform over 50 times faster than Microsoft's Direct3D Reference Rasterizer in tests with sample applications, and can rival the performance of low end hardware 3D graphics solutions in some cases.
New and improved tools to assist reviewers and test labs: -- Image quality inspection tool; -- Ability to export frame by frame using different options and settings; -- Pre-rendered Reference Rasterizer image database for comparison; -- Texture filtering and anti-aliasing quality inspection tool; -- Anti-Aliasing; -- Bilinear/Trilinear/Anisotropic filtering; -- Graphs of runtime statistics; -- Frame rate; -- Frame duration; -- Polygon count; -- Vertex count; -- State change count; -- Drawing batch count; -- System Info utility, which provides an in-depth analysis of the status and features of the system's components; -- Extended Online ResultBrowser for Pro users; -- MultiComparison; -- Dynamic compare URLs; -- 18 filters for search and comparison
Hybrid's track record consists of 10 years of software rasterizer development for various platforms including PCs, game consoles, and now mobile devices.