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Synonyms for rashness

Synonyms for rashness

the trait of acting rashly and without prudence

the trait of giving little thought to danger

References in classic literature ?
Your rashness has brought you to a pretty pass, for it must be either you or I, My Lady, and it cannot be I.
He went swimming with her, in point of rashness exceeding her; and dynamited fish with her, diving among the hungry ground-sharks and contesting with them for possession of the stunned prey, until he earned the approval of the whole Tahitian crew.
My rashness is to blame for the disastrous position in which we now find ourselves.
But Blanche--with one act of rashness already on her conscience--rushed, woman-like, straight to the commission of another.
If she had once more ventured on taking Sir Patrick's place, and once more failed in justifying her rashness by the results, she had at least gained some atoning advantage, this time, by opening a means of communication between her uncle and Bishopriggs.
About three weeks after I wrote to you last, Julian Gray paid the penalty of his headlong rashness.
Many workmen, it is true, paid with their lives for the rashness inherent in these dangerous labors; but these mishaps are impossible to be avoided, and they are classed among the details with which the Americans trouble themselves but little.
He was not prone to rashness and precipitate action; and in the bitter hatred between him and Spitz he betrayed no impatience, shunned all offensive acts.
Then he was a masterful dog, and what made him dangerous was the fact that the club of the man in the red sweater had knocked all blind pluck and rashness out of his desire for mastery.
This latter word of command was perhaps somewhat theatrical and unnecessary, inasmuch as the descent was by a very narrow, steep, and slippery flight of steps, and any rashness or departure from the beaten track must have ended in a yawning water-butt.
The same sort of traditional belief ran in the Tulliver veins, but it was carried in richer blood, having elements of generous imprudence, warm affection, and hot-tempered rashness.
There are the clothes that I bought in a moment of rashness and managed to smuggle into the house without himself seeing - what was I thinking of buying bright red patent shoes?
For now, the naivety and rashness of youth just about excuses his lamentable behaviour.
Anyone who witnessed his last six months at the South Coast club, however, will have seen just what we are witnessing at Anfield in terms of a defender forever on his backside with a rashness to his game.
Glasgow looked feistier after the break but their rashness played into Ulster hands.