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Douglas Mudd, a Colorado museum curator who said that a conservative estimate for the nickel would be about $2 million said the coin's back story contributed as much to its value as its extreme rarity.
One of the many worldwide banknote highlights, a 1666 Swedish banknote rarity - a Stockholms Banco, Daler Sylvermynt issue banknote.
It is somewhat surprising to learn, as Dinerstein writes, "that even in perhaps the most remote spot in the tropics, the rules of rarity still apply.
Well, quite often a big part is luck, but being familiar with all the common species helps: that way you will be able to pick out a rarity when it does finally appear.
Likud Minister Limor Livnat said women were a rarity when she entered politics.
Updated with the latest mintage figures, rarity rankings, information about significant pieces known and auction records, Gold Coins of the Charlotte Mint 1838-1861 is not only a "must-have" for serious collectors, but the perfect treasury for "armchair collectors" who love to look at and learn about rare coins, but don't want to spend a fortune to own them.
Citing a "long-term warming trend, which has been linked to increases in greenhouse gases," NOAA also noted, "The unusually warm start to this winter reflected the rarity of Arctic outbreaks across the country as an El Nino episode continued in the equatorial Pacific.
Hampshire, a member of the Five College consortium that includes Amherst, Mount Holyoke, Smith, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, has long had an elected student trustee and an elected faculty trustee, but the elected staff trustee position is still a rarity.
Its highly acclaimed collection of antique American furniture, paintings and decorative collectibles is aesthetically sensational and consistently singled out by prominent collectors based on value and rarity.
Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for local control of this aggressive tumor, but recognition can be delayed because of its rarity or because of difficulty in making a pathologic diagnosis.
FANS of football memorabilia have a great chance to add a rarity to their collection in an auction in aid of the Matt Gadsby Fund.
Introducing and descriptively exploring each and every gem covered in the easy-to-use reference, Secrets Of The Gem Trade contains an illustrated summary of each stone inclusive of its history and general information, hue and tone, saturation, which may be noticed as the finest, an understanding of the particular gems rarity, and the caution for synthetics and how to depict them, however dependant upon the stone there may be description of clarity, color fading, multi-color effect, etc.
His plays gave black actors dignified, honorable, human roles, and that was a rarity," says Dutton, who credits Wilson with his success.
Queen Bee is aimed at teenage girls, a rarity for American comics.