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a decrease in the density of something

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Individual-based rarefaction curves showing aphid species accumulation in Pennsylvania and New York.
24 -- TABLE 4 Measure of genetic diversity and divergence for each South African population of Eisenia andrei based on COI sequence data after rarefaction to a common sample size often.
77 mV, Table1) Motor unit rarefaction, increase of polyphasic MUP's and chronic neurogenic changes in APB, ADM and EIP muscles were recorded.
If heat be given to the air at the moment of greatest condensation, or taken from it at the moment of greatest rarefaction, the vibration is encouraged" (Rayleigh 1945).
After alignment, sequences were trimmed to 530 bp (5' end) and 420 bp (3' end) to eliminate bias when calculating percent similarity for rarefaction and phylogenetic analysis.
What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs.
We applied rarefaction to compare the number of species found between the sites while correcting for sample-size bias using Estimates (R.
Exact mechanisms underlying impaired pharmacologic coronary vasodilation in MetS have not been clearly defined, but are likely related to altered functional expression of receptors and ion channels, endothelial and vascular smooth muscle function, paracrine and neuroendocrine influences, structural remodeling of coronary arterioles and/or microvascular rarefaction (9).
According to Vladimir Badmaev, MD, PhD, head of R&D at NattoPharma ASA, Oslo, Norway, "The most popular categories of medicinal food address aging populations and wasting conditions like muscle wasting or sarcopenia, bone rarefaction or osteoporosis, health conditions caused by insufficient status of vitamins and minerals and gastrointestinal dysbiotic conditions.
While the odds of preeclampsia are increased in women with previous history of preeclampsia or chronic high blood pressure and among those with increased uterine artery Doppler pulsatility index, the most powerful and independent predictor of preeclampsia was capillary rarefaction at 27-32 weeks.
This happens because, as it has been proven, political myths can be characterised by a rarefaction of images and an amplification of the ideological discourse.
The ABR was elicited using 100 [micro]s clicks with rarefaction phase presented through ER-3A (300) insert earphones at 80 dB normal HL at a rate of 17 clicks per second for each ear independently (Etymotic Research, Inc; Elk Grove Village, Illinois).
Immediately, then, a more elaborate analogy of tension and release is presented--or airy condensation and rarefaction, in Anaximenes's cosmology.